For the last 2 weeks of August I will be posting daily, in preparation for the new school/collage year.

I will be posting blog posts on subjects such as Stationary and equipment, advice, tips and tricks for the upcoming school year, friendships, relationships, revising, exams and more. I will also be writing posts relating to health, both physical and emotional as they are just as important as equipment and friends.

As of the start of September I will be posting twice a week. Probably a Wednesday and Saturday but will confirm these dates at the end of August.

I am trying to write a lot more these days. I have a lot of ideas but would always love to know what you want me to post in the future and how you’re liking what I am already posting.

Thank you for all the support this blog has been getting the last few months! I love talking to you all and it always makes me feel better knowing you have enjoyed a post I was very nervous and worried about uploading.


I am currently on sick leave, due to my recent diagnoses with Bi Polar disorder. I have not written much about the disorder yet on my blog, like I have done with other mental illnesses like anxiety and depression as I am still dealing with the illness right now.

I have become very involved in new organisations and made new friends from these communities and I am studying a lot about world issues so I can write more about them.


As always, leave a comment or tweet me at @lifeasshanx with any questions or requests.



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