About Me!


I guess I’m supposed to write something about me in here, but I find that hard for some reason. I love old music- if you think 60, 70 and 80’s is classed as old music. I think I know more 80’s songs than my mum. I don’t know if I should be proud or worried about that. The fact I know who the bangles and the police are, might be an indicator I’m a little obsessed. I love music in general. When I was young all I loved was the music in the top of the pops but lately I’ve been liking music that some of my friends haven’t even heard off. I am one of those people who likes a couple songs from each album and not every song by that artist. But I do love Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. All the oldies are defiantly my guilty pleasures.

My friends and family can’t keep track of all the shows I watch. I am more of a TV programme person then a movie person. So, my favourites include; Chicago Fire, Revenge, The Fosters, Buffy, One Tree Hill, Law&Order: SVU(obsessed, more like), 2 Broke Girls, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, Bones , Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, Riverdale, Gilmore Girls and Orange is the New Black. Iv totally become a TV fanatic!

I want to travel around the world when I am older. I want to travel before I settle down and have children and get married, Its just the way I want to do it. I want to visit New York City more then any where else though! I want to explore and see so many things. I want to be able to say- yes I went there, to everywhere! Maybe everywhere is a bit ambitious, but ambitious is good!

Other then all of that. I am an 19 year old girl from the UK, who is a big animal lover. I spend most of my time ; watching my TV shows, blogging, baking or watching YouTube videos ( I like to read too). I am the friend who gives the best advice I can and is understanding, I am a good listener. I have become very interested in make-up and fashion.

This is my blog! I post random posts on everyday life things. Advice, based on what I have been through and learnt. Cooking recipes, that I have tried ,tested and changed to make my own. Beauty and Lifestyle posts, like how-to’s. I hope you either enjoy reading my posts or get some help from them. I did post them for 3 reasons – those 2 I have already mentioned and because I generally like to post them. So, now you know the person who is writing these little blogs, a bit better.

Shannon x


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