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Top 10 Dog Breeds in the UK

A massive population of the UK has a pet/s. Here are the top 10 dog breeds in the UK.

1.Labrador Retriever

Image result for Labrador Retriever  Image result for Labrador Retriever

Image result for Labrador Retriever
Black, Tan and Brown Labs

2.Cocker Spaniel

Image result for cocker spaniel Image result for cocker spaniel

3.Springer Spaniel

Image result for springer spaniel Image result for springer spaniel

4.German Shepherd


5.Staffordshire Bull Terrier


6.Border Terrier


7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


8.Golden Retriever

Image result for golden retriever 





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Adopt Don’t Buy

Dogs Trust alone had a 54% increase in dogs handled over during the Christmas period, with 127 unwanted dogs being given to the charity in just 2 weeks. I couldn’t be believe that over a third of these unwanted dogs were puppies. I have always favoured adoption over buying from a breeder and now that I am more involved in the dog grooming industry, it concerns me even more that charities like Dog Trusts are seeing an increase in unwanted dogs instead of a decrease. There needs to be less unwanted dogs, most of the time the sad truth is that people want a puppy or they don’t want what these centres have to offer when it comes to breeds, people are so obsessed with having a ‘cute, fluffy little dog’ that many loving and caring dogs like staff bull terriers and Greyhounds are being left at shelters and not with a loving family. But even puppies aren’t being kept long these days, as Dog Trusts alone start they were handed lots of puppies over this Christmas period.

This statement below, which I pulled from the Dogs Trust website, says everything I think is needed to say about this Christmas percentage of unwanted dogs.

Dawn Bishop, Dogs Trust Manchester Rehoming Centre Manager explains:

“After nearly 40 years highlighting our iconic slogan, “A dog is For Life, Not Just For Christmas” we hoped that this would be the Christmas message would finally sink in but it seems that, in this day and age, where puppies are readily available at the click of a button, people are still choosing to purchase a dog on impulse, without thinking about the long-term effect this will have on their life. Owners are realising that caring for a dog isn’t always an easy feat and charities like ours have to pick up the pieces when new owners decide they simply can’t give their dog the love and care it needs.”

Most people want a puppy, most want fluffy breeds like Poodles and Bichons but most of the time do not know how to look after them or their coats. People are spending upwards of £600 for cross breeds(mongrels) like Labradoodles, Golden Doodles and Cockerpoos. Why? That’s a good question because the only reason I would think as to why people are spending nearly 1,000 pound for a dog is because they want a fluffy, cute lap dog that can be used as an accessory. Why? When you could give a dog at a shelter a second chance for happiness for less then £200. Not only do you get the dog for a price drastically lower then buying from a breeder, most charities will Microchip and Vaccinate your dog for you.

This is what Dog’s Trust do for the £120 fee.

Our adoption fee is £120. ( £100 in Ballymena due to extra licence fees)

These fees help us to cover the costs of caring for over 16,000 dogs ever year. Every dog adopted from Dogs Trust is:

  • Neutered (or comes with a neutering voucher if a puppy)
  • Microchipped
  • Vaccinated
  • Vet Checked

You will also receive four weeks’ free insurance with Pet Plan and a collar and lead as well as having a pre-adoption talk to help your dog settle in.

Once they’re at home, you’ll be able to access advice from the centre team as needed for the rest of the dog’s life.

This is Carla Lane Animals In Need fee:

We will then request a rehoming fee. Almost all our dogs are £175, all our cats are £110 and kittens are £125. This includes their neutering, vaccinations, flea & worm treatment, microchipping, identity disc (dogs only), vet health check and one months free pet insurance.

I know, I would much prefer to pay £125 to rehome a beautiful dog that needs a second chance then line the pockets of these ‘breeders’ who you buy your puppies from, because most of the time, they don’t care about dogs, they are just looking for a way to make easy and quick money. We need to put these ‘breeders’ out of business and the only way we can do that is by not giving up almost a £1,000 for mixed breed dogs that aren’t even kennel club registered. I am more then sure you can find a dog you can adore and love from an animal shelter that NEEDS a home and is sat in a kennel at a shelter just waiting for you.

Here are some dogs from shelters locally to me:

Scooby At Carla Lane Animals in Need.

Eddie At Carla Lane Animals in Need

Harry At Carla Lane Animals in Need

Charlie At Dogs Trust (LEEDS)

Ashton At Dogs Trust (LEEDS)

Bailey At Dogs Trust (Merseyside)

Fern at Dogs Trust (Merseyside)



All I have left to say about these lovely dogs is I hope they all find their forever homes very soon! I really hope that people start to see how much more amazing it is to adopt then to buy! I will see you next week with another blog post!

Shannon x

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Living With Dogs(A New Series)

Did you know that 46% of households in the UK have pets? Of that 46%, 24% are dogs. That’s  about 9 million dogs according to a study based in the UK in 2014. Most of us love our pets, that’s clear but what do animal rescue centres like dog trust tell us? That having a pet isn’t for everyone. The sad truth is, the percentage of abandoned dogs is rising, this is due to a lot of things including people not knowing how to look after their dogs, neglecting and abusing them and simply not wanting them anymore. I hate it. I follow most local rescues on social media and as much as I love to see a happy ending for an animal that has found its forever home, there is too many sad and heart breaking stories on these pages. To many. I wanted to help, I already help by giving money to these charities that help these animals but I also give food and old bedding to rescue centres but that doesn’t feel enough. In the past  have felt like writing about it and expressing my opinion, giving my advice. Today, I have decided to do that, don’t get me wrong I am no expert but if my words can help guide someone to giving their current dogs or future dogs a better life, I am more then happy to give my advice. I wanted to start a series because there’s lots I could say and instead of saying it all one massive, boring and long blog post I thought a series would be better.

Over this series I will be talking about dogs mainly. I will be giving advice and tips on dog training, dog grooming and dog behaviour. I will be talking about the cost of having a dog, the time and effort of having a dog and the love and affection needed for a dog. I will also be talking about some of the big issues when it comes to dogs these days, like underground dog fighting, dog theft, inbreeding, puppy mills and abusive owners and the laws currently in place surrounding animals.

I hope that some people find this series beneficial and enjoy these new types of blog posts I am doing in 2017! The living with dogs series will start Sunday night with a blog post on adoption.

If you have any questions about animal care or owning a dog please contact me via Facebook, Twitter, Email or in the comment section below.

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