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Current Obsessions(Music, Beauty, Books)

I have been known to get obsessed pretty easily, not in a totally creepy ‘Crazy Derek’ From OTH crazy, but still, a little obsessed is how I would describe my love for some things in life. I thought I would bring together is list of those things for this weeks blog post!


Since receiving the MODEL CO BLUSH in the monthly beauty box from LOOKFANTASTIC, I haven’t worn another blusher. You get a lovely colour that lasts all day. It doesn’t look cakey when applied or go patchy during the day. All in all, it’s a lovely blusher.


The Tattoo Colours from Maybelline New York have become one of my favourite things to use when doing my eyeshadow. Each pot contains a creamy eyeshadow that you can apply with a brush or by using your finger. They are quick and easy to use, which is a bonus for me when I only have 30 minutes to do my makeup in the morning. I have 5 at the moment, mostly neutral colours(purple and blues are a bit out there for me personally!). As well as being easy and quick to apply each pot is less then £5 in Superdrug and Boots stores!! Oh and they last all day.. win, win.


I live for a good lip balm, maybe that sounded quite sad, but there is no room in my life for chapped lips and its that time of year, you step out your house and you just want to turn around, go back inside and wrap yourself in 10 blankets because it’s that cold. You need to keep your lips moisturized as well! I received these 2 lip balms in the November and December Beauty Box from LOOKFANTASIC. The BEE GOOD Vanilla and Honey Lip Balm helps to soothe my lips after a day exposed to the cold and the POLAAR Lip Balm is highly moisturising




I got the NO7 Day and Night Creams as part of a NO7 giftset for Christmas and have nearly finished these. They work really well under makeup and give plenty of moister to me dry skin.

I swear by the Biore – free your pore, DEEP PORE CHARCOAL CLEANSER. After years of trying to find a product that actually helps defeat spots and blackheads, I come away this product, I thought ‘ I bet it’s just like the others, it will just make my skin worse’ but I was wrong. For less then £5 you’re getting an amazing product, I am sure there are better out there but why pay more for something that does the same job right? This is my 3rd bottle of this cleanser and I am sure I will be buying many more.


Again, the NO7 Perfecting Body Polish was part of a giftset but since using it I have feel in love, although the product had barely no smell, my skin is left smooth and fresh after using it in the bath.


Hair Oil! It appears from making this blog post that I don’t seem to buy many products as this is yet another product gifted or given in my beauty box. Since getting the Mythic Oil I have been using 2 pumps every time I get of the bath. It leaves your hair look silky and feeling soft.



I have been listening to a lot of different things on Spotify lately. From Ed Sheeran and Maria Mena to pop punk playlists and playlists to my favourite tv shows like the fosters and OTH.

Image result for ed sheeran castle on the hillLISTEN HERE –

Anything 80’s. 80 movies have already been a firm favourite with me. The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bullers day off.

Image result for 80s movies


Want a new show to watch? Check out my blog post on my top TV shows

Here is a quick list

  • NCIS(Tony and Ziva seasons)



Reading is dreaming with open eyes

Want to laugh and cry – READ ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES. You’ll take a journey coming back from that book.

These 4 books are amazing and worth the read. All these books have the romance genre, BUT, other stories and lessons are between the lines.


So, your obsessions? Comment Below…

Shannon x













I have been using the ‘RIMMEL LONDON – STAY MATTE’ Foundation for about 3 weeks now. This foundation has been amazing for my everyday make-up. It is my go-to foundation at the minute. I wear 010 – LIGHT PORCELAIN, as I have pale skin.

The ‘STAY MATTE’ foundation claims that;

  • It is Lightweight
  • It has Shine Control
  • It won’t feel heavy or greasy
  • It has a silky smooth formula
  • It blends flawlessly

When I got the foundation, I was unsure how to apply it, as I normally buy liquid foundations, not mousse ones. After a couple of attempts of applying and blending the foundation to my face, I found it is best to use a beauty blender. I also found you do not need much of this product if you use too much it does become very cakey and looks like you have too much foundation on. As for what it claims on the tube, it does do most of these things. If you apply the right amount, it is very light on your skin. When I apply this foundation, I feel as if I do not need much powder and it does seems to last around 12 hours without being topped up and you don’t need to apply more powder during the day, so I would say it does have shine control. Overall, the foundation does apply nicely and very easily. It does have a silky smooth formula and my makeup looks good all day when I am wearing this foundation. For its inexpensive price, It is great for anyone on a budget, or looking for something cheap. I believe it retails at around £5  and would be amazing for a student, who need a cheap but good foundation. I would rate this product a ⅗ .


W7 In The Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

I purchased the W7 In The Nude palette about 3 weeks about have found myself reaching for it ever since, when opening my eye make-up draw. I decided to review it because it is a very good palette but it does have some cons, like most things.

photophoto 1

The In the Nude palette consists of 12 colours. 3 matte colors and the rest are shimmering colours. The eyeshadows come in a long, thin tin containers, the palette comes with a brush, that has a side for applying the eyeshadow and another side for blending/ smudging in the eyeshadow.

The 12 Colours.

(left to right)photo 3

Latte – Latte is a off cream/ yellowy cream colour. I usually use this as a base to other shadow colours.

Angel – Angel is a light pink, shimmery/glittery colour, that is great for adding a subtle sparkle to your eyes.

Venice – Venice is a less pinker and less shimmery vision of Angel.

Marilyn – Marilyn is the second matte colour and is a sheer light pink shade.

Copper Pot– Copper Pot is more of a darker pink and is very shimmering.

Sun Kissed – Sun Kissed, is a shimmery rose gold colour with copper and pink undertones.  

Alice – Alice is the last matte shade in the palette and is a purply colour with pink undertones.

Bad Manners – Bad Manners is similar shade to venice but has more copper in it, then pink.

Coffee Cup  – Coffee Cup is a dark copper shimmery shade with brown undertones.

Mud Slide -Mud Slide has pink, copper and brown undertones with a shimmer.

Tokyo – Tokyo has less shimmer and is a mix of grey and brown.

Fashionista – Fashionista has little shimmer and is a dark brown shade.
The Palette is a very pinky-shimmery palette with shades of copper and brown. It is a natural/nude palette that is great for everyday use as most of the colours are natural, you could use this palette in your school makeup routine or work makeup rountine. The Shades are pretty sheer, but this is good if you prefer to build your eyeshadow, like I do. I also prefer having sheer colours, because then I don’t run the risk of applying too much. The eyeshadows are easy to blend, which is something I really like about this palette. The only downside, I have found is that, there is a lot of fall out with this product. I don’t think this is a massive problem, as i just wipe it away, with a brush. Overall I think this product is good value for money and a good dupe for the NAKED palettes, if you do not mind a little fall out.  The price is very reasonable and good value for money, if you are on a budget or just looking for a good low priced dupe.

photo 2

I will have reviews for the other W7 eyeshadow palettes up soon, if you have any review requests, let me know in the comments or tweet me @lifeasshanx  .

Shannon x


How To Clean Make-Up Brushes

Cleaning your brushes is important for a couple reasons. Brushes collect makeup and if not washed regularly can cause breakouts and spots. Brushes will also last longer if you clean them regularly. They say you should wash your brushes once a week but I don’t. I think it depends how much makeup you put on and how often your wear makeup. There isn’t much point cleaning your brushes if you only used them once or twice in the week to apply some powder and blush. I wear make up about 4/7 days a week depending on what I do that week, so I wash my brushes once every two weeks, so twice a month. Unless of course they are dirtier than usual, maybe because I wore makeup more often recently. So it’s really up to you when you wash your brushes just make sure it’s regularly.  I use a couple things to wash my brushes to keep it simple and easy.

photo 3 (2)photo 1 (4)

You’ll need:

Your makeup brushes

  • Shampoo/Makeup cleanser/Soap ( I use baby shampoo, but you can use any shampoo or liquid soap).
  • Baby oil ( you could use olive oil, but this for your concealer and lip brushes)
  • Warm Water
  • Makeup Guards ( you can find these on amazon for about a pound)
  1. Start by dipping your brush into the water until the bristles of the brush are wet.
  2. Apply a small amount of shampoo to your hand and rub the rub in the palm of your hand. Use your fingers  and run the brush-up and down them, this will create bumps and product will come off the brush easier. Put the brush into the clean warm water to clean of product on the brushYou have to repeat this step a couple times, depending on how much product is on the brush and the size of the brush. * For brushes with concealer or lip products use a little baby oil before you do this step. The baby oil will help remove products like lipstick or lipgloss.
  3. Carefully squeeze out some of the water, and lay on a flannel or towel. Repeat with will brushes
  4. Once all brushes are clean and wet, Place the guard over brush and leave to dry for around 12 hours.

* It may take a little longer or not as long to dry, depending on where they are drying and depending on the size of the brush*

This is how I do my brushes. It is easy and a cheaper alternative, you don’t need fancy makeup cleansers or a special ‘brush cleaner’.

I will have more blog posts like this up soon.

Shannon x