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What To Know Before Getting A Dog – Breeds

For the second part of my ‘what to know before getting a dog’ series, I want to talk about breeds. Like with coats, there is a breed type that will probably be best suited to you, your lifestyle, and your living situations. If you haven’t read my first post about the different types of coat types and how to look after said coat, here is the link! –

I have owned dogs with 2 different coat types – double and smooth. The reason being that they are easy to groom at home and personally like those kinds of dogs better. I currently have a Husky and two French Bulldogs. But, being a dog groomer I have groomed all 5 types of coats and have picked up quite a few facts and opinions on most common breeds.

When we are looking to buy a dog it’s important that we know everything we possibly can about the breed. It’s also important you understand what you will need to provide for this breed.

When picking a breed, do some research, write down;

  • Prices for food and treats (more or less depending on the size of the dog),
  • Bedding, blankets and toys (is this breed bigger and there for need a big bed? is this breed known to be destructive with certain toys?)
  • Harness, collar and lead (again, depending on size of dog, prices will vary)
  • Vet bills and insurance(will they be castrated? It is also the LAW in the UK to have your dog microchipped, failure to do so can result in a fine)
  • Flea and worming medications( these have to be done monthly in most cases and the bigger the dog, the more it will cost to keep these up to date)
  • Groom costs (whether you’re going to get a groomer to groom them on a regular basis or do it yourself, you need to work out average costs for that, see my last post that I linked earlier to get the run down on coat types and grooming prices).

By doing this before buying or adopting your dog, you know an estimation of how much you are going to need to spend monthly or annually. This will give you a better idea if you’re able to financially able to afford a dog. A lot of dogs end up in shelters or being neglected because people do not realise how much dogs can be yearly. You need to be sure you are able to pay for your dogs needs. They need; food, water, blanket, grooming, flea and worming, vet checks, exercise, and attention to thrive and be healthy, happy dogs.

The next thing to think about when looking to buy a certain breed is your living situation. You need to think about these things;

  • The size of the breed – a big dog that needs plenty of space needs a bigger place to live. A flat isn’t the best option for a large dog like a Husky or Labrador.
  • Other animals – not every animal likes each over, if you own a cat or another dog, you need to think about the kind of dog you want to get. Is it suitable for a home with other animals?
  • Children – although dogs have hearts of gold most of the time, they don’t quite understand their strength or that they could hurt their new family members by being too boisterous and playing. They will see it as having fun with the children but they can easy get carried away and knock children over. So most big dogs are not always suitable for a family with babies or small children. Although, with proper training, food guarding shouldn’t be an issue, it may still be with children. So, you need to be careful with any dog around young children who don’t understand that when the dog has a treat that you shouldn’t try and grab it off him/her. However, if you’re willing to get your dog trained in the right way from a young age and you watch your younger children around the dog while he/she is eating, everything should be fine with most breeds.

The final most important thing to think about before getting your dog is your lifestyle. Everyone has different lifestyles, they work different hours, they have families or maybe they travel a lot. Here are a few things to think about;

  • Do you go away for work or on holiday a lot? If so, who will look after the dog? Have you asked a friend if they will or will you pay for a kennel stay?
  • What hours do you work? Will you gone more them 8 hours at a time? If you are, is there someone else who can check in on the dog or be home with him/her?
  • Do you have a baby or small child? Do you have the time for a dog right now?
  • Are you able to walk the dog each day? Remember some breeds need to have more exercise then others and require longer walks. Do you have the time to walk the dog each day?
  • The most important question is, do you have the time and energy to give the dog all the attention he/she needs to be a happy dog?

Each breed is different. They’re known to have different personalities, temperaments and they all look different. Meaning, you need to pick a dog best suited to all the things I have listed above. Whatever dog you do decide to take home with you, remember that they rely on you, they need you, and if possible, always adopt, don’t shop.


Shannon x


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What to know before getting a dog – Coat Types.

It’s a new year, which means people have made goals, they have ideas of how they want their year to go. Some will set a goal of moving out, applying for their dream job or maybe even getting the dog they have always wanted. When thinking about the first post of the year and what it would be about, moving out and dream jobs where good blog post ideas but one subject that is most important to me is pet care. So many dogs end up in shelters and on the streets because people get dogs not knowing how to care for them or how much work is needed to keep a healthy animal. There are so many important things to consider and know before you buy or adopt any animal. You need to consider what is best for you and your future pet. So, for this series of blog posts I thought I would talk about the important things you need to know and consider before getting a dog. As well as an added checklist you can use if you do decide a dog is the right pet for you.

This blog post is part one of six blog posts that will be about ‘What to know before getting a dog). This blog post goes over the different coat types and which one may be best for you. The next blog post will be about what breed will be best for you. The last post will be a summary of all I have been over and a total estimated cost to buy/adopt, feed, groom and look after your new dog. 

It doesn’t matter how big or small the dog is, what kind of coat it has or what breed it is, dogs need plenty of attention to be the happy, healthy animals they should be. When looking online, I see a lot of people asking for the best behaved breed or the easiest breed to look after and although you may get a breed that is less hassle then another, you won’t find a breed that is totally self affiant. A dog is not a cat and if you work all day and don’t have time or the money for a dog, maybe an animal that requires less attention and looking after is better for you. Consider a cat, rabbit or even fish instead of a dog.

However, the size, breed and coat type of the dog do play a massive role in how you decide which dog is best for you. A lot of people don’t know what kind of coat there dog has, hence not knowing how to take care of the grooming side of having that dog. There are 5 main coat types; double coated, wire, wool, silk and smooth/short. Each of these coats needs to be groomed and looked after in a different way. You need to do some research on the breed and grooming needs before getting him/her.

I would have to say that in terms of coats, a smooth coated dog would be easiest and cheapest to look after. You can take these dogs to get washed, dried and de-shedded at the groomers for around 15 to 30 pound(dependent on breed) or you can wash, towel dry and de-shed at home without much experience. I would suggest getting yourself;

  • a pair of nail clippers (although groomers will do nails for 5 pound without the groom),
    wipes(cleaning ears, any cheap wipe will do, as long as its not perfumed, they’re fine)
  • a de-shedding glove (Amazon and Ebay have these for around 3-8 pound)
  • A towel (any towel will do but getting one just for the dog may be a good idea)
  • Cotton buds (For dogs that have face folds like your Frenchie’s and Pugs, these will get into these folds and clean them).
  • A shampoo (one for normal use and a flea shampoo to use once a month)

If you work out the costs for these items, it works out cheaper to do it yourself but if you would rather not do it yourself, remember to factor in monthly/twice monthly costs for the groom. If you are on a budget, a smooth coated dog may be your best option as they require less grooming and the grooming can be done at home by anyone.
Examples of smooth coats include; Staffs, French Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Lurcher, and Greyhounds.

A double coated dog would come in second for me in terms of ease of coat, however they are no where near as easy to groom as your smooth coats. Double coats tend to shed and any double coated dog owner will tell you, the hair gets everywhere, so that is one thing to consider before getting a double coated dog. You can take these dogs to get groomed at the groomers for upwards of 30 pound but with most double coats you can groom them at home. Even if you take your double coated dog in for a groom every 2 weeks or month, you still have to keep on top of their coat by brushing it daily/twice daily. Again, if you want to groom your dog at home, I would suggest you buy;

  • Good quality nail clippers (bigger dogs have stronger nails and little nail clippers may snap when cutting down on the nail)
  • Wipes (cleaning ears, any wipe brand is fine, you don’t need to buy the ones in pet stores, just baby wipes will do, just don’t get the perfumed ones)
  • A towel ( a towel that is just for your dog may be best)
  • A blaster (you may want to invest in a blaster, these are like hair dryers but so much more powerful, they’re great for drying your dog faster and getting rid of loose hair, they go for about 60 pounds on Amazon)
  • Shampoo ( you may be best getting this in bulk as it may be cheaper, you will more shampoo for larger double coats so getting a diluted shampoo may be best, as you add water to a small amount of shampoo and the shampoo lasts longer)

Double coats can be expensive to groom when going to the groomers every 2 weeks or every month and if you groom your dog at home, you need to be prepared for a lot of mess and you will need to carve out a good amount of time each grooming session for the groom and clean up. Either way, groomer or no groomer, you’re still going to need to brush your double coated dog daily. Examples of double coats include; Husky, Malamute, German Shepard, and Akitas 

Although Wire coats are easy to look after in terms of not needing to be brushed daily as they are less likely to matt up. They still need to be groomed every few months. This coat type is pretty simple to look after and most of the time you won’t even need to go the groomers every month, once every 8 weeks should be good enough for your wire coated dogs. You can groom these dogs at home but a little experience is required when it comes to cutting their coat. Examples of wire coats include; Fox terriers, Terriers, and Jack Russels 

I personally think the wool coats are one of the hardest to look after, even harder then the double coats. You cannot go a day without brushing your dog. Not one day. Think about that before buying a wool coated dog. A lot of people opt for a wool coat purely because of their cuddly coats and cute look but most people don’t know how to brush their dog to prevent matting and knotting up the coat. I cannot tell you how many bichons came into the grooming shop I worked in, matted and full of knots. People cannot be bothered to brush their dogs everyday, they would tell you they don’t have the time, they tell you they have been brushing him/her, but they don’t know how to properly brush a wool coat. A lot of people only brush the top layer with the wrong brush, this ends in matting and us having to shave the dog to the skin because their coat can not be saved. You need to use a comb and get right down to the root when brushing wool coats.  You need to be grooming these dogs daily and please remember not just to do this to prevent them from knotting but to help the groomer be able to groom your dog the right way, as lots of wool coated dogs are NOT tolerant to being brushed, combed and groomed as they are not used to getting it at home. You need to get these dogs professionally groomed every 4 – 6 weeks and you are looking at a cost of 30 pounds and upwards each visit. Don’t get them groomed enough and they will have to be shaved off because they are matted and this will end up costing you more as well. Examples of wool coats include; Bichon Frise, Poodles, and Cockerpoos 

These coats are similar to your wool coats in terms on grooming needs. They will to be brushed and combed everyday to prevent knot build up and matts developing. Most silk coats will need grooming at the groomers every 6 – 8 weeks. Like with wool coats, the price for grooming will be 30 pounds and upwards in most grooming shops. Examples of silk coats include; Shihtzus, Yorkshire Terriers, and King Charles. 

Costs for keeping a dog in terms of coat type/grooming needs; 

Double Coated Costs (estimated) :

Getting them professionally groomed – wash, dry, brush, comb, nails and ear clean.

  • £30 – (monthly, starting price, higher prices are possible) for groom.
  • £8 – Brush + Comb (even if you get a pro groom, you still need to brush dog everyday)

Grooming at home –

  • Nail Clippers (ONE TIME PRICE) – £6
  • Brush and Comb (ONE TIME BUY) -£8
  • Shampoo (500ml bottle lasts 2-3 washes, so around a month) – £6
  • Wipes – (monthly) – £1
  • Blaster (optional, towel drying will do off course, ONE TIME PRICE) – £60

Smooth Coated Costs (estimated) :

Getting them professionally groomed – wash, dry, de-shed, nails and ear clean.

  • £15 – £30 – (twice a month or once a month) for groom.

Grooming at home – 

  • Nail Clippers (ONE TIME PRICE) – £6
  • De-shedding Glove (ONE TIME BUY) -£6
  • Shampoo (500ml bottle lasts 4-6 washes, so around 3 months) – £6
  • Wipes – (monthly) – £1

Silk Coated Costs and Wool Coated Costs (estimated) :

Getting them professionally groomed – wash, dry, brush, comb, body groom, legs and feet groom, face trim/styled, bum and underneath shaved, and tail trimmed.

  • £30 – £45 – (Once every 4-8 weeks, dependant on coat thickness, style wanted and dog breed)

Grooming at home – You can groom your dog at home by buying your own clippers, scissors etc, but I advise letting a pro do these coat types as they know how to properly style your dog. However you still need a few things to keep on top of your dogs coat.

  • Wipes – (monthly) – £1
  • Brush and Comb (ONE TIME BUY) – £8
  • Nail Clippers (ONE TIME BUY) – £6
  • Shampoo (500ml bottle lasts 2-4 washes, so around 2 months) – £6

Wire Coated Costs

Getting them professionally groomed – wash, dry, nails, brush, comb, ears cleaned, face styles, body clipped, bum and underneath shaved, trail trimmed and under feet shaved. 

  • £25 – £40 – (every 6-8 weeks)

Grooming at home – 

  • Wipes – (monthly) – £1
  • Brush and Comb (ONE TIME BUY) – £8
  • Nail Clippers (ONE TIME BUY) – £6
  • Shampoo (500ml bottle lasts 2-4 washes, so around 2 months) – £6


It depends on how much money and time you are willing to spend to make sure your dogs coat is kept clean, looked after and presentable, but if you do not want to spend your spare time brushing your dog every day, I suggest a smooth coated or wire coated dog. If you want to keep prices down grooming a smooth coats or double coated can be done at home and never needs to go the groomers. If you don’t have the time to brush your dog everyday, don’t want to spend a lot on grooming and don’t want to groom at home, a wire coat may be best for you. If you have the time to brush you dog every day and don’t mind going the groomers every month and spending money on pro grooming every month, a silk or wool coat may be for you. Whichever you pick, remember to look after your dogs coat and remember before buying or adopting, inform yourself on grooming routines for that coat type.

Next blog post will be about breeds and which breed will be best for you and your living situation. 








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It’s another New Year with no resolutions

A few years ago I decided to scrap making ‘New Years Resolutions’. Mainly for the fact that I find them stupid, but other reasons include;  not keeping to them anyway, life happens, we can’t control and over organize every minute of a year to fit your resolution, it’s not possible. So, instead of telling friends all the things I want to do next year, I look back on the year I have had. I can hope for things to happen in the future, in the next year but making resolutions just usually ends up in disappointment the following New Year. Some pretty amazing things may happen next year, and I sure hope they do but with good things, bad things also happen. We have to learn to accept that we can’t control everything and that sometimes we can’t always do what we set out to do, by accepting that, we avoid the feeling of failure a little less.

Today marks the first day of 2018, it’s not really a special day, it’s just another day, another year but we live in a world obsessed with new beginnings and fresh starts, so to some, this day is something more then just a Monday. But, the truth is, we can have a fresh start on any day of the year, it doesn’t have to be today, tomorrow or in 2 weeks, it can be whenever you’re ready. Maybe these next few months are going to hard, maybe you have lost someone close to you or had an argument with a friend, but that doesn’t mean your whole year is ruined! You decide when your fresh start begins. Not a calendar. Just for today, try not worrying about the year ahead, don’t worry about what will or won’t happen and look back at the year you have had. The mistakes you have made and learned from, the days out and holidays, the achievements and accomplishments you have made this year.

Look back at the good things from the past year.

This year I have lost 2 stone with Slimming World and I bought loads of new clothes, that I can FINALLY fit into, like my new leather jacket. I went on my first holiday without family. I met my boyfriend and I made some pretty big decisions about my career and moving out. I finished my Level 2 diploma in animal care, I made a 2 tier cake for a wedding anniversary.

I’m pretty happy with everything that has happened in my life in the last year. There has been sad moments, moments filled with confusion, anger and sadness but like every other year, I got through it and I’m ready for another year of exciting things! I just don’t know what they’re going to be, and I’m actually okay with that.

What is your best memory from 2017? Let me know on twitter – @lifeasshanx

Shannon x

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5 Baked Goods To Bake At Christmas Time

As Christmas is less then a week away, it’s time to head to the shop and stock up on all the essentials needed for Christmas day. The turkey, the table wear, party nibbles and of course the desserts and sweet treats. There is a lot on offer at most supermarkets these days, you can buy your Christmas pudding or yule log in the bakery section at most stores but nothing beats home baking, more so at this time of year! The smell of cinnamon and ginger fills your house while the gingerbread is cooking and all of a sudden it feels so much more like Christmas time. So, today I have listed my top ten favourite baked goods to make during the Christmas season.


Mince Pies 

Although I am not a fan of these small treats, I do like to make them and it wouldn’t feel like Christmas without taking a box of homemade mince pies to our family get-together on Christmas Eve. They’re simple enough to make whether you make them from scratch or use the cheat way and buy everything boxed, either way you do it, you’ll still get that homemade look and taste.

You could make your own pastry or mincemeat but if you’re new to baking or want a quicker way, buy the jarred mince at your local supermarket ( they range from around 90p to £5) and buy premade short crust pastry. All you need to do is; lightly grease a cupcake tin, cut the premade pastry into circles, add a spoonful of the jarred mince and cut out a circle or star shape and place on top, egg-wash and pop in oven for 10-15 minutes. Sprinkle some icing sugar on top once cooled and serve! Easy enough right?

Here is the link to MY recipe on Lifeasshan! –


I have never actually thought of making these for Christmas before this year but I came across an image of these cute French treat with a reindeer design on top and an idea was formed in my head. So, this year I decided to make up some macarons which is quite easy once you’ve got the basics down. I used cocoa powder to make them a brown colour and filled them with a chocolate ganache(cream and chocolate; warm cream, add chocolate pieces, wait 30 seconds, stir and leave to thicken to desired consistency). Once my macarons were filled, I added white chocolate on the top, letting some drip down and added two red sweets and a fondant holly leaf to each macaron. These were my mini Christmas Cake inspired macarons (as a non lover of Christmas cake, these are a perfect sub for me…and they looked way cuter).

Chocolate Yule Log

A classic at any Christmas meal, I believe. This cake is great for the non Christmas cake lovers in the family (mainly the children), who will still get some cake and custard after their Christmas meal, just minus the orange peel and raisins). I love to make a yule log at Christmas because they can be personalised to your families preferences and the children can help decorate it with fondant snowmen and logs. My brothers pester me to make them this during the Christmas holidays.

Gingerbread People OR House 

Another classic at Christmas… gingerbread. Whether you keep it simple with gingerbread people or whether you like to create a whole house for your gingerbread people, ginger is one of those spices I always associate with this time of year. You can buy gingerbread house kits in the likes of Tesco for £4 or you can make your own gingerbread and create whatever kind of shapes you want.

Cinnamon & Honeycomb Pancakes 

Christmas morning is normally filled with eating chocolate out of your stocking and the afternoon spent starving waiting for your big feast. I like to make sure I have something proper for breakfast as we don’t eat till late afternoon and on Christmas day I am normally up early. I don’t want something boring on Christmas day like Weetabix, it’s Christmas! I want cinnamon and chocolate. So, I came up with these pancakes a couple years ago that are the perfect Christmas morning breakfast. If you’ve already got a busy day of cooking ahead on Christmas day or want to spend as much time with your family as possible, I suggest making the honeycomb and pancake batter the night before. You can follow any normal pancake recipe and just add cinnamon and chocolate chips to the batter and store in the fridge till Christmas day. Making the honey comb is pretty simple as well, just add sugar and syrup to a pan and heat and add bicarbonate of soda and pour into a tub, leave to set and break up into small pieces. Store in an air tight container. On Christmas day all you need to do is cook the pancakes and serves with chocolate sauce, honey or Nutella with the honeycomb pieces.

Honourable Mentions

 Is it weird that I have an ‘honourable mentions’ section? Oh well, here is some other things I like to buy or make as little extras during the winter months. They’re cheap to buy or easy and quick to make! So, these little treats may suit you better then carving out a whole 2 hours to decorate a gingerbread house to perfection.

If you’re looking for some Christmas inspired bakes, check out these youtubers/bloggers for their Christmas bake recipes! (These are some of my favourites)

Laura in the Kitchen; YouTube Channel and Blog

Cupcake Jemma; YouTube, Blog & Bakery Owner –

Jamie Oliver; Chef, YouTube Channel & Blog –

HowToCookThat; YouTube and Blog  –


I will be back in the New Year with lots of new, fresh posts. Next year is looking at being a very big and interesting one for me personally, so I imagine I will have a lot to write about, which is pretty exciting.

I hope you enjoy baking this Christmas season! Tag me in any recreations on twitter under the hashtag #xmasbakewithshan and remember to tag me @lifeasshanx. I am also under the same handle on Instagram!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year! See you in January! 

Shannon x


***disclaimer – Images used are not mine, credit to original uploaders***
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My First Time!

I love doing tags and this one has been around YEARS but I was stuck for a blog post idea, so a Q and A it is!

FIRST boyfriend 

My first was called Brandon, we dated when I was 14.

Do you still talk to your FIRST love?

No, I don’t. I can honestly say I don’t know where he is or what he is doing right now.


My first proper kiss was at 14.

FIRST album you bought

I don’t actually remember the first album I bought, but the first album I received was a Mcfly one!

FIRST Crush 

Oh god, the first boy I liked was a boy in primary school who ended up moving away when we was in year 4.

FIRST thing you did this morning 

Check my phone… I know I know, typical me.

FIRST best friend 

I had a friend called Chloe up until year 4 and she left to go to another school and we lost contact. Her and her family just kind of disappeared, I have tried to reconnect but she doesn’t seem to have an online presence.

FIRST word 

I think it was dada or cookie. Of course it would be cookie.

FIRST facebook profile picture 

NO! On a serious note though, it was probably a picture of a dog or something stupid like that.

FIRST CONCERT you went too

JLS ( I wasn’t the biggest fan, however my auntie got me tickets)

FIRST sleepover

Probably with my second best friend, Rachel. We would have sleepovers every weekend.


I worked in a dog grooming shop, my first job wasn’t until last year!

FIRST tv show obsession

Friends. It was the first box set I got, closely followed by Gilmore Girls.

FIRST favourite band







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What is school all about? – BACK TO SCHOOL.

The year was 2014 and I fled my high school as soon as the teacher said ‘good luck’ to my entire year as we sat in assembly waiting for the teachers to finish babbling on about our future and how they’re a big part of our success – haha, they were jokers them lot!

As you can gather from my opener, I HATED high school. Now, it wasn’t the learning part. I liked that part, weird right? I didn’t the students or the place. If I was to do high school again, I’d have done it a little different but in the end I think my life would have lead a similar path either way. High school was a time of pain for me, my dad died, my boyfriend hurt me badly and I was bullied. It wasn’t the best time in my life, but regardless of all that, I tried my best to power through. Teachers in high school are so intense, they are always in your face about exams and how you need to apply yourself more to your work. I think sometimes they forget your a teenager. You’re crushing on the popular lad who sits in front of you in English. You’re falling in ‘love’ for the first time, you’re getting your heart broken for the first time or the third. You’re changing physically and mentally. You’re having your first period, you’re trying to figure out how to use a tampon, you’re worried that your pad is going to move during gym and you’re gunna have a Carrie moment right there in the changing rooms. Basically, you have a lot on and to top all those lovely feelings and emotions off, you’re dealing with teachers telling you what you do now will impact you’re entire future. Truth is, it won’t.

Now, I am not saying don’t turn up and pay attention. I still think learning is important. I just don’t think 15 year olds need the stress that is put on them by high school teachers. You may get crappy GCSE results or amazing results. What’s important is what you do after that. Do you give up? No. You go to college or get an apprenticeship or get a job. Those GCSE’s won’t define your future. They can be important if you want to go to a highly respected college or uni yes. But they aren’t a deal breaker. Not getting good results isn’t the end of the world. You’re 16, you shouldn’t be putting the world on your shoulders. Neither should any teacher, parent or friend.

School is about:

1. knowledge – I do not just mean algebra, I mean life lessons. Like sex ed, finances and how to live in the real world, employability lessons and lessons on getting your house and paying your own bills. You shouldn’t just be taught that condoms are to protect against STD’s and pregnancy. You should be teaching ALL students the meaning of the word NO, how to respect the opposite sex. Telling someone how to use a condom is useless if they’re just going to rape a girl at a party because they thought ‘she wanted it’. Teach them that smacking people on the ass on the street is not okay. Why is this not being taught? Why?

2. Socializing and Connecting  – I have never understood same sex schools. I think its important that boys and girls mix in their teenage years. Most of the time they will end up growing up not knowing how to act around the opposite sex. Males and Females need to connect with the opposite sex when growing up, I think its damaging when they don’t. School is a in which teenagers can talk to their friends about familiar issues, they can talk about things they’re all going through together. I once a teacher who said ‘ you come here to learn not talk to your friends’ – never hated a teacher more in my life. Right, I am here to listen to teacher talk like they’re a walking textbook for 6 hours and then be given 2 hours of homework, so after an *entertaining* day at school I can go home, do homework, have my tea and go to bed – how interesting.

3. Change – You’re 11 when you walk into that school for the first time, everyone is massive compared to you, the building is intimidating and you’ve got a bag full of stuff you probably will never need or lose by Friday, you’re in year 7. Over the course of the next 5 years, you’re going to change. The things in your bag will change, your body will change, your thoughts and opinions will change. It’s called growing up, but so much of it is done in high school. The lessons learned, the mistakes made, the embarrassing stories forever engraved in your brain. That all happens between Year 7 and Year 11.

I wouldn’t go back to high school if someone had a gun to my head. Overly dramatic? Yes. I guess I just really hated High School.

It is September 1st 2017. A new academic year starts Monday, my brothers go back to school Wednesday (thank god) and a new year of schooling begins. One brother is going into his last year of high school – without a care in the world, may I add. Another goes into Year 9 – He doesn’t seem to bothered either to be honest. Is it a boy thing? Have a good year whether your going into High School, College, Uni or your working!

Shannon x



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Blogger Q&A – 3 year anniversary

I saw this post making its rounds again around the blogging community and thought I would finally do it as this month marks 3 years since I have had this blog. Having this blog has helped me become better at so many things. I enjoy writing and I still enjoy blogging. Blogging has become a massive part of my life. I rely on writing to express my feelings and make me understand what I am feeling a little better. I love interacting with you guys in the comments, on twitter and on Instagram. I appreciate all the support and I am so happy that my posts have helped you out somehow along the way. I have seen myself grow and change through the years by re-reading old posts, seeing where I was compared to where I am now and it has been so rewarding. Thank-you everyone who reads my blog!

The tag includes 8 questions and I am sorry but I do not know who created this tag. If you want to do this tag, I will have a set of unanswered questions at the bottom for you to copy, paste and fill in your self. Send me a link to your blog or answers via the comments or on twitter @lifeasshanx

How long have you been blogging?

3 years this month! I started my blog back in 2014, I don’t actually remember the date of my first published blog post but it was the first few weeks into August 2014.

Do you enjoy doing tags?

Yes, they’re my favourite blog posts to write. I am always looking for new tags I could do on other sites.

Do you follow back every blog that follows you?

I follow back accounts that I enjoy the content of. When someone follows me, I check out their site and see what they write about. If I enjoy their writing style and what they write about I will follow them back.

Describe yourself in 5 words

Stubborn, Passionate, Understanding, Sarcastic & Creative.

How many blog posts have you done?

87, not including this one.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you enjoy blogging?


Who is your favourite blogger?    Zoe Sugg is my favourite blogger at the minute.

Do you prefer writing or reading blog posts

Both really, I do enjoy reading blog posts as I love to know other peoples thoughts and compare them to my own. I like to learn new things and I do that through reading but I love to write and always have.





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I saw this tag going around on various bloggers sites so I thought I would do my own version of it. I have the 10 questions on the original tag and have added 5 of my own to it. I do not know who created this tag so I am giving credit to as it was their site I got the idea to do this tag!

So, I don’t feel like I really need to say anymore about what this tag is. Let me know your answers are in the comments or on your own blog and tag me in them on twitter so I can see what your answers are! @lifeasshanx


Favourite/ Best Quote 

Anything from one tree hill, all their quotes are worth hearing and taking something from. Here is a bigger list of my favourite one tree hill quotes! There are too many to put here.  ttps://


First TV Show You Watched

I don’t remember the first TV show I watched but I do remember my first favourite show and that was Friends.


All Time Favourite TV Show

This is one that changes a lot actually, At this current minute, it is Bones. I only started watching this show last year, but ended up buying every season on DVD and whenever I need a distraction this show goes on.

Your Character Crush 


Nothing else needs to be said

Favourite OTP

Speaking of Nathan Scott, my favourite OTP is Nathan Scott and Haley James from One Tree Hill. Actually I have to also add Dr Brennan and Agent Booth from Bones. I can’t pick just one!

Most Disappointing Ending/Cancellation

There are lots of shows that I didn’t want to end – Revenge, Bones and 2 Broke Girls to name a few but The Secret Circle was probably the most annoying cancellation out there. The acting was good, the storyline/plot was interesting and the quality was more then good enough, so why didn’t a show that left off on a massive cliff hanger get a season 2 or movie to wrap things up? I loved the books, I even read the 3 that came out in 2012/2013 that weren’t written by the original author but I was so annoyed by this cancellation, as you can tell 6 years on I am still bitter.


A Show You Would Like To Be On

Easy, Gilmore Girls and for two reasons. One, I want to live in Stars Hollow and two, I want a Lorelai Gilmore in my life!

A Character You’d Love To Take Out On A Date 

Do I have to say it again? Nathan Royal Scott, anyday…


A Popular TV Show You Can’t Stand

I don’t care how many times this show is pushed on to me, I will never like it. It will never beat Buffy The Vampire Slayer, never. Sorry, but the show I can’t stand is The Vampire Dairies 


A Scene That Made You Cry

When Lance died on Bones, I cried that whole episode to be honest.

A Character With A Killer Wardrobe 

Yes, these styles are from 1994 but I loved Rachel Green’s style in the early seasons. They were cute and I would wear them today!



Favourite Friendship 

It’s hard to find a loyal friend in real life, but I love these women because they support each over and don’t judge eachover even though they are different. Again I don’t just have one. Max and Caroline – 2 Broke Girls. Angela and Brennan – Bones. Brooke and Haley – One Tree Hill. Monica and Rachel – Friends.

A Show That Everyone Should Watch

I can’t tell you how much I love this show. Maybe it’s because I relate so much to Callie or maybe because of its amazing portrayal of ongoing issues in the world. From LGBT rights, The foster care system to family. Its a show everyone should be watching. The Fosters!


A Show That Makes You Laugh Every Time

Brooklyn nine nine has the ability to make me smile and laugh everytime I rewatch it!


A Show With The Best Music 

One Tree Hill wins this. Fair and Square. The One Tree Hill soundtrack has songs for every mood and I have found so many new bands from this show that I still love today! They always find the perfect song to fit the scene.


This is just a small insight into my favourite TV shows, they’re are plently of other shows that I watch that aren’t on this list like

  • Law & Order : SVU
  • Chicago PD, Chicago Fire and Chicago Med
  • Criminal Minds
  • The Middle
  • Modern Family
  • Riverdale
  • NCIS
  • Bull
  • Pretty Little Lairs
  • Switched at Birth

Okay, there are to many to name…

Do you agree with my choices? Let me know below!

Shannon x

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Best Episodes Of One Tree Hill

It’s a magical place, son. I’ve seen that magic in your eyes for the past nine years. There’s only one Tree Hill, Jamie Scott. And it’s your home.”

There are plenty of good shows out there, shows that make us laugh, make us cry, make us think, make us change what we believe in but One Tree Hill did all of those things. A show that started about two brothers brought up very differently turned into a show that would set the standards high for any future shows. To choose the best episode or season would be impossible because there are so many episodes that scream out at me for being important in their own way. There are so many reasons why this show is special, how it’s different. This was the show that changed my outlook on life, the way I thought about life and ambitions and dreams, family and friends, love and heartache. The storylines were interesting and drama filled, the characters relatable and full of depth but what made this show stand out was the music, the show centres around music, the music helps the scene, it tells a story all by its self.

(Left to right) – Haley, Nathan, Jake, Peyton, Lucas, Brooke.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Like I said its impossible to name ONE favourite episode, so I’m going to name ALL my favourite episodes.

Season 3 Episode 16 –

With tired eyes, tired minds, tired souls, we slept.

This episode gave us a wake up call that not everything  ‘turns out okay in the end’ when two people don’t make it out of Tree Hill High School alive. This episode makes it on to this list for multiple reasons. The first being the amazing acting done in this episode done by Colin Fickes (Jimmy Edwards), Craig Sheffer (Keith Scott), Bethany Joy Lenz ( Haley James Scott, James Lafferty (Nathan Scott), Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis), Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott), Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer) and the rest of the cast of the season 3 episode. The tragic and anger ridden ending we were given left me speechless. From this day on, Dan Scott was nothing but an evil man in my eyes, someone who made your blood boil, someone who didn’t deserve the forgiveness he so much wanted.

Season 3 Episode 22 –

The Show Must Go On.

Something I wanted to see all through season three was Nathan and Haley rekindle their relationship, so this episode was meant to be all smiles and happy tears but instead of ending the season with Nathan and Haley leaving for their honeymoon to London, we get a car plummeting off a bridge into the river below with Nathan’s uncle and Rachel inside. The screams from Haley ended the season. Oh, and we find out Karen is pregnant and someone else.

Season 4 Episode 09 –

Some You Give Away.

This is probably one of my favourite episodes from the whole series, I don’t really know why, whenever they focus around the basket ball games and all the main characters are together, it makes me a littler happier. This episode makes me happy but it also made my bring up my hands to cover my mouth in shock. This episode, to me, sees all these characters looking into the future and the past. Haley is pregnant with Nathans child, they’re her future. Nathan is going to be father and is about to lose one of his other loves – basketball. Luca’s doesn’t think about the future when he doesn’t take his meds and Skillz is looking at impressing scouts for college. This episode is about the future and how what you do today can affect your future.

Season 4 Episode 17 –

It gets worse at night

Something a little uplifting. After Nathan and Haley’s not so romantic prom (pregnant with a healing broken leg) and Brooke and Peyton’s Prom of Horror (Pysco Derek), they all needed( and us honestly) a break away from Tree Hill, so what better place to save Mouth and crash a Prom then Honey Grove, Texas. Oh and Chris Keller is joining them. of course.

Season 7 Episode 22

Almost everything I wish I’d said the last time I saw you.

As you can tell, I like an episode when all the main characters are together. I loved how they ended this episode, well not the shooting 2 people part, the Haley part. The season had been hard on Haley, losing her mother and seeing her go through those stages of depression was relatable and made me love Haley so much more and I loved the way she found her way back. Depression doesn’t take a day to heal, I loved that they didn’t condense her depression into one episode, but I was glad she was finally healing at the end of this episode. Lot’s of amazingly cute things also happened in this episode, proposals and pregnancies!

Season 8 Episode 11

Darkness on the Edge of Town

This episode made me cry, I actually thought we had lost Brooke Davis and I was crying for Julien and for myself because she was one of the best female leads in this show, but luckily, she doesn’t die and it became one of the best, albeit upsetting episodes of one tree hill.

Season 8 Episode 13 –

The other half of me

Finally. That is all I can say about this episode. We watched Brooke Davis get cheated on by her high school boyfriend Lucas with her best friend, she was brought up in a family that didn’t seem to care much about her and was attacked, twice. She was told she couldn’t have kids and she had her heart broken a few times. She lost Sam, she didn’t even get to meet the baby she was going to adopt, so when Brooke Davis got marred in season 8, I thought, finally the girl gets some happiness. Finally.

Season 8 Episode 18

Quite little voices

Season 8 was full of memorable episodes, this one being one. With flash backs of Naleys past, we see them about to welcome a second baby into the Scott family, everyone is excited and happy for them, but Brooke’s heart is breaking again after she finds out, she isn’t going to be a mother…yet.

Season 9 Episode 10

Hardcore will never die, but you will.

Nathan is rescued, thank god. But his dad has been shot. Chris Keller is there, of course and this is probably one of the only times that I liked Dan Scott. And quick question… why did they have to bring back the disgusting man that attacked Brooke!

Season 9 Episode 13

One Tree Hill

Come on, I had to mention the last ever episode of One Tree Hill. This episode made me happy, from start to finish. The flashbacks, the music, the words. Not many shows get that great ending, but this one did and when I ended One Tree Hill, I didn’t know what to do next, it had become such a massive part of who I was. I loved this show, not just because of the music or the characters but for the storylines and plots, for everything really.


Quick Q & A

Favourite Character – Brooke Davis

Favourite Couple – Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott ‘NALEY’

Favourite Friendship – Brooke Davis and Haley James Scott

Hated at first but grew to love – Alex Dupre

Favourite season – Seasons 3 and 8

nathan scottquotehaley jamesquote






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Intimacy, Sex, and Freedom

The Boys I Encounter

I’m about a week late on this. A year and some odd days ago, I started The Boys I Encounter. First and foremost, thank you to all of my followers. You have liked and commented and supported my blog, and I am grateful you have been there every step and through my ups and downs. I know that sometimes I go weeks without posting and sometimes I post every day for several days straight. Very inconsistent, but that’s life.

A little over a year ago, I opened my blog with my Introduction and quick follow up to declare I’m Taking a Break from Boys. What sparked this urge to write a one year post was actually a boy I was just beginning to forget. This boy is Sexy Six Pack Boy, he re-added me on snapchat today and I realized it has been just over a year since I…

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