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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I was looking for something to watch one night on Amazon Prime when I happened to come across a new segment on Amazon video called ‘ Pilot Season’, curious to see what it was all about I clicked on the link and was presented with six pilots for new and upcoming TV shows that could be contracted to become series. Out of all of these shows the one that stuck out to me the most was ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ a pilot about a young adult women in the 50’s, happily married with 2 children, when her life suddenly changes overnight. In this one night her husband leaves and she realizes she has a talent that had never been noticed before. After the episode ended, that was it, I couldn’t go about my normal activities of binge watching a TV show for hours on end because, like I said it was just a pilot episode. I jumped on the link to take the survey about the pilot becoming a series and let Amazon know my opinion on why this show should be a new ‘Amazon Original’.

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I can say with all honesty if you liked Gilmore Girls you’ll like this show and it may seem weird how the script seems just as fast and witty as Gilmore Girls but that’s only because the amazingly talented Amy Sherman-Palladino directed it!

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Since the cancellation of ‘Good Girls Revolt’ I have felt a little bitter towards Amazon video because why would they cancel a perfectly good show that women can enjoy, now I am not saying us girls don’t like cars and action and I do not speak for all women but I loved the show because it shown us some real history, the struggle for women while working in the 60s/70s and what life was really like. The women’s revolution didn’t end when women could vote or own property, it was still going on with work place discrimination and lower wages, this show highlighted this, it was a good show and Amazon cancelled it. So, if they want to make up for it, they need to add another show highlighting similar issues and soon, this show is it, this show is what Amazon need.

Image result for the marvelous mrs maisel   Image result for the marvelous mrs maisel

The show is fresh, it’s new and its different. The fast pasted, witty and funny Midge is what we need, there are many amazing shows out there, but there are many boring shows out there that all do the same thing, they follow the same plots and storylines and personally I get tired and fed up with another show just like the last, but this, this is different and I am a fan of different. Maybe it’s just me but I love a show that takes us back in time, to a time that now, in 2017 you can’t believe actually existed with the extreme sexism and double standards but amazingly at the same time, you still see these things happen in the modern world, in a time that none of it should exist, the racism, sexism and homophobes should have died out a long time again but didn’t and you can watch a show and be amazed how they used to live their lives but realize, in some ways the world is still like that to some degree.

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I am not going to lie, I sat down to watch this shoe expecting good things as I had high hopes that Amy would deliver again and I was not disappointed. I loved seeing Amy’s work in this show, you could see her work through out and that fast pasted wittiness reminded me of my much beloved show ‘Gilmore Girls’. The great thing is, these 2 shows are different but if you have ever seen Gilmore Girls you’ll also see the work of Amy throughout, it’s like her brand, witty and charming, it makes this show so much better, just by her being on it. Now, this isn’t just about Amy or a strong female show, its about something new and fresh, like I said earlier something we haven’t seen before and if the TV world needs something… its something fresh, witty and different. Trust me.

Image result for the marvelous mrs maisel      Image result for the marvelous mrs maisel

If Amazon decides to axe this show after an amazing pilot like that, its a damn shame and they are pretty stupid for doing so. Do something right Amazon, give this pilot a series.

Image result for the marvelous mrs maisel              Image result for the marvelous mrs maisel

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Current Obsessions(Music, Beauty, Books)

I have been known to get obsessed pretty easily, not in a totally creepy ‘Crazy Derek’ From OTH crazy, but still, a little obsessed is how I would describe my love for some things in life. I thought I would bring together is list of those things for this weeks blog post!


Since receiving the MODEL CO BLUSH in the monthly beauty box from LOOKFANTASTIC, I haven’t worn another blusher. You get a lovely colour that lasts all day. It doesn’t look cakey when applied or go patchy during the day. All in all, it’s a lovely blusher.


The Tattoo Colours from Maybelline New York have become one of my favourite things to use when doing my eyeshadow. Each pot contains a creamy eyeshadow that you can apply with a brush or by using your finger. They are quick and easy to use, which is a bonus for me when I only have 30 minutes to do my makeup in the morning. I have 5 at the moment, mostly neutral colours(purple and blues are a bit out there for me personally!). As well as being easy and quick to apply each pot is less then £5 in Superdrug and Boots stores!! Oh and they last all day.. win, win.


I live for a good lip balm, maybe that sounded quite sad, but there is no room in my life for chapped lips and its that time of year, you step out your house and you just want to turn around, go back inside and wrap yourself in 10 blankets because it’s that cold. You need to keep your lips moisturized as well! I received these 2 lip balms in the November and December Beauty Box from LOOKFANTASIC. The BEE GOOD Vanilla and Honey Lip Balm helps to soothe my lips after a day exposed to the cold and the POLAAR Lip Balm is highly moisturising




I got the NO7 Day and Night Creams as part of a NO7 giftset for Christmas and have nearly finished these. They work really well under makeup and give plenty of moister to me dry skin.

I swear by the Biore – free your pore, DEEP PORE CHARCOAL CLEANSER. After years of trying to find a product that actually helps defeat spots and blackheads, I come away this product, I thought ‘ I bet it’s just like the others, it will just make my skin worse’ but I was wrong. For less then £5 you’re getting an amazing product, I am sure there are better out there but why pay more for something that does the same job right? This is my 3rd bottle of this cleanser and I am sure I will be buying many more.


Again, the NO7 Perfecting Body Polish was part of a giftset but since using it I have feel in love, although the product had barely no smell, my skin is left smooth and fresh after using it in the bath.


Hair Oil! It appears from making this blog post that I don’t seem to buy many products as this is yet another product gifted or given in my beauty box. Since getting the Mythic Oil I have been using 2 pumps every time I get of the bath. It leaves your hair look silky and feeling soft.



I have been listening to a lot of different things on Spotify lately. From Ed Sheeran and Maria Mena to pop punk playlists and playlists to my favourite tv shows like the fosters and OTH.

Image result for ed sheeran castle on the hillLISTEN HERE –

Anything 80’s. 80 movies have already been a firm favourite with me. The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bullers day off.

Image result for 80s movies


Want a new show to watch? Check out my blog post on my top TV shows

Here is a quick list

  • NCIS(Tony and Ziva seasons)



Reading is dreaming with open eyes

Want to laugh and cry – READ ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES. You’ll take a journey coming back from that book.

These 4 books are amazing and worth the read. All these books have the romance genre, BUT, other stories and lessons are between the lines.


So, your obsessions? Comment Below…

Shannon x











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Goodbye 2016 Hello 2017

Sometimes the pain will never go away. The pain of losing a family member or the heart ache from losing someone you loved. It all hurts and I wish I could say it will go away, but sometimes it just…doesn’t. I wish I could give everyone an easy fix to heartache or death but I can’t and maybe that’s because I haven’t gotten over it yet or maybe, just maybe it’s because you never get over somethings, some people. I am not talking about a May – December romance, I am talking years of trust, comprise and commitment to one person, do you ever forget that kind of love? Do you ever hear their names after years and not feel anything? Maybe after time, you do get over it but how? Because as far as I am aware loving someone for so long, and I mean LOVING someone, you must feel something when their name is mentioned or when you see them around… that’s normal right?

I’ll never forget the people that left my life, some left not because they wanted too but because they had to and some left because they wanted too. I let some leave, as much as it killed me but I needed to let them go, but no matter what, I miss them. I miss them friends I had, not because they made me a better person or because they made me happy but for one stupid reason, they remind me of a younger me and as much as I cannot be that person anymore, sometimes it’s nice to think of a time when life was easier and simpler and the only thing that made me sad was liking someone I couldn’t have and I didn’t have anxiety and I wasn’t depressed, it was all just so much easier.

Over the years I have asked my self so many questions… Where do I go from here? What will I do? Who will I be? What will I be? Questions circled my mind for what seemed like years, ever since I left high school I haven’t known what to do with myself. High school should have been this amazing thing, but it wasn’t and I couldn’t have been out those doors any faster and to be honest the thought of school now sends shivers down my spine and makes me feel sick, I hated high school, I hated my classmates the most, not the learning part, I liked that part, I still do. I tried being a chef, but decided that wasn’t for me and that it would simply be a hobby, I tried childcare but that wasn’t for me and even though I love to write, Business Admin was definitely not for me. Finally I settled on Animal Care, but until 2016, I had no idea who I wanted to be and what I wanted to be, it was scary.

However, this year a lot of things became clearer to me, my feelings, my future, my pain. It all started to make sense, it all started to become manageable.

Earlier, I talked about love and loss, something that has been a big factor in my life since I was 14. The pain of my past hasn’t gone away after 4 long years, by now, I wished it would have, but like I said, there aren’t any quick fixes to not being in pain anymore and it sucks, it really does, but its the truth. You can read article after article about moving on and getting over someone or dealing with grieve and maybe for some they work but sometimes not even the age old saying ‘It takes time’ works because no matter how much time passes I will never get over my dad dying and I will never forget my abusive first boyfriend, or my best friend who broke my heart, when I didn’t even love him.  Loving someone can be confusing, it is confusing. But so is losing someone.

I have learnt a lot the last couple years, I am not the same person I was 4 years ago, hell, I’m not even the same person I was a year ago. Everyone says that with the new year they are going to do so many new things, most never keep to these ‘New Year Resolutions’, after 3 days it’s back to life before the 31st December, we have all done it, made unrealistic resolutions we cannot keep to, but this time last year I made a couple resolutions, the most important one; To be happy. Am I the happiest I will ever be? No, but I am happy, I am very happy. I may not have everything I want and feel the way I want too all the time, but for the most part I am happy and to me, being this happy right now is all I need and want.

This time last year I was a wreck, I actually made a show of myself at a wedding in front of someone I once liked because I was so upset, angry and confused, it wasn’t one of my finest moments, let’s just say that. This time last year, I was more confused and scared about my future then I had ever been before, although I was in college during this period and getting my grades/marks up to where they needed to be, I was worried about the upcoming year. What would it hold? What would happen to me? Would I get a job? Would I pick a career path by the time I leave college? Again, lots of questions I didn’t know how to answer. I entered 2016 not knowing what was ahead for me, I was nervous.

February 2016 rolled around pretty fast, I was leaving college, insert a very nervous and over panicked(is that a word? It is now) Shannon. I passed my exams(yay) and I left my college with more confidence and more qualifications. Although March was filled with job applications and disappointment, I finally found a career path and luckily a job, an apprenticeship actually. As of April I was working, I had made new friends, I was going out on nights out and having a good time, my life felt together, but somethings aren’t meant to be and some people aren’t meant to be in your life… who knew I wouldn’t be there longer then 6 months? August was the breaking point for me, after losing one of my best friends for a new ‘friend’ and being walked all over I had to leave, I had to run as far away from that place as I could, before I found myself not wanting to be here anymore, again. Suddenly I found myself in that place again, confused, angry and upset, a place I know very well. But I am lucky, my college tutors got me a placement nearer to home and they took me on, I guess luck is on my side… well sometimes it is.

I am still at this placement, in fact as I am writing this, we still have 104 dogs in before Christmas! Don’t worry, when you read this, I’ll be relaxing, probably being lazy in bed, not waking up till 11am, eating chocolate all day and watching TV.

But, this last year hasn’t all been about work and college, no. This year I turned 18, I wore a beautiful dress to a massive wedding, went on days out with my family, I laughed with my friends and family. I faced my fears and went to a new college! I made loads of new friends, the only downside to that is… Christmas just got a whole lot more expensive, but that’s okay. I reconnected with old family members and took a step back into my childhood, remembering my dad and our happy memories. I bought clothes and shoes that I wouldn’t normally wear, I faced my fear and built up my confidence to do something daring. I found my passion to travel, explore and have adventures again, somewhere along the line I had lost that, but I found it again and my bucket list is growing evermore.

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How my apprenticeship is going…

If you know me, I have probably talked your ear off about apprenticeships, since I started mine, I realised how much I was missing out before by deciding to go to college after school then go on an apprenticeship.

After high school ended for me in 2014, I opted to go to a big college, with no one I knew, in a different area.Now at the time this seemed like the perfect idea for  me because I wanted to be away from where I lived and who I lived around, but I soon realised a big college like that one wasn’t for me and I backed out a lot sooner then I am proud to say. After dropping out of college, I needed somewhere new, so after a long needed break, I started looking for an apprenticeship, as I had decided this would be best for me to gain my qualifications. In college I was going professional cookery and first looked for apprenticeships in that field, no luck. After months of looking, a company got in touch with me and I found a training provider, which was much smaller and closer to home. In September 2015 I started at my new ‘mini college’ and for the next 6 months I studied for my maths and English functional skills level 2 and also gained a certificate in ’employability’ which helps you write a CV, understand the laws at work and trains you what to do during an interview for a job. In Feb 2016, I left that college with my maths and English level 2 and other certificates. I was again on the hunt for an apprenticeship, through this time I was unsure what I wanted to do anymore… did I want to go into business admin? or childcare? or cooking? or animal care? I looked on the apprenticeship site for these and found a couple I liked in different fields and applied online for them. The apprentice site is where I applied for the apprenticeship I later got in animal care.

I started at a dog groomers in April 2016, I started with a trail week and later was given the job, I then went to the training provider for an induction. That was it, I had my apprenticeship. My apprenticeship was my first job and for 4 months at my placement I was very happy, I felt like my anxiety and depression was decreasing and I felt better with myself, I was enjoying it. I liked the people I worked with and the place I worked but things where not working out for me there, the happiness went away and I was filled with anger everyday, I didn’t enjoy it anymore, it was a nightmare every week for me and the thing I struggle with most now, is trying to think back to when the job I loved turned into a job I hated and I am still trying to figure out how to tell people about the change I made during my apprenticeship, but it was so many things, it is hard to name all the reasons why I am no longer there. The last month at my former placement was the hardest and all those little things I could deal with, become one massive issue and I couldn’t handle it anymore, I had to leave and August 2016, I was gone. What happened? My friends and family say… ‘ you seemed so happy there’.

I don’t know the ins and out of the business I worked for, I do not know what kind of person my boss was and what were her real reasons for hiring me, whether it was cheap labour as I was being paid apprentice wage or if I wasn’t cut out for that kind of business.

In the simplest terms, here is what I was struggling with while working there:

  • I wasn’t getting my breaks as they did not think I was working fast enough( can I just add that they overbooked dogs in and excepted the cleaning to be also done during this time)
  • I wasn’t getting home till 7pm, even though I finished at half 5 because I was not allowed to leave 2 minutes early to get a bus that would take me straight home(even after offering to come in earlier, plus I wasn’t getting my last 15 minute break anyway)
  • My breaks and dinners where never my own and I was always getting up to get dogs for customers and answering the phone during the only time during the day I could sit down and enjoy my dinner.
  • Talking of dinners, I wasn’t getting mine till around 2.30 – 3pm
  • I was being asked to come in on my days off, the night before(by night I mean 10pm, when I had already made plans the next day).
  • When I got home at 7pm, after having a bath, putting my uniform in the wash and cooking my tea, it was time to go to bed for work the next day, I was so tired my last month, I was constantly drinking energy drinks( which aren’t good for my anxiety but I had no choice).

After I had left my former placement, one of the girls, whom I thought was my friend started putting things on social media, calling me selfish, a loser and other colourful things, I was at this point(before seeing these) debating going back to this placement if my tutor at college could resolve some of the issues there, but after this I was sure I did not want to go back to that place, with them girls. For a couple weeks I didn’t know what I was going to do about my apprenticeship, luckily my assessor at my college helped me through the process of finding a new placement, one nearer to home, one where I would be happy. That is when I heard about a dog grooming salon nearer to home, 15 minutes away infact. It all happened within a week, I called the manager Monday, went in for an interview Tuesday,in college Wednesday and started working at this new place on Thursday, I was relieved, I had a place again.

I have been at my new placement for around 5 weeks now and I am so much happier. I feel like the people I work with know what they are doing in regards to running a business. It takes me 15 minutes to get home( 5 minutes on a non busy bus and 10 minutes walking from the bus stop). The environment is very different, it’s the kind of place I feel like I fit in, the kind of place I need to be at, not at all like my old placement. My assessor recently came out to assess me and everything is going well and the bonus is I don’t have to start my course again, so I am not behind. I have no settled into college again(after the summer break and new people starting) and settled into my job at my placement.

I do believe that change is good and sometimes change is a much needed thing. I know I needed a change and even though it was scary, I am happier because of the change.




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What does youtube mean to you?

Okay, long time no see. I have been busy with my new apprenticeship. Sorry!

So, the other day I was sat in my room, thinking about YouTube. Not the website, the people creating content on YouTube, the you tubers. YouTube has been in my life ever since I discovered it back in 2010. I remember I used to lay in bed on a Saturday night till 2am watching YouTube videos on my old BlackBerry – keep in mind, this was the old BlackBerry which aren’t very big.

I think the first YouTuber I ever subscribed too was Cassandra Banks, I would binge watch her makeup and beauty videos and wish to one day have a makeup collection like she had. I was 14 back then and was very new too makeup and I learnt the first things about makeup from her. Over the years I become more and more obsessed with YouTube, subscribing to over 100 channels by 2015. As my life changed, YouTube remained a constant. I would come home from a crappy day at school and watch videos that made me laugh and feel good and suddenly my worries where out the window and I was yet again submerged in YouTube for another night.

I have discovered, subscribed, unsubscribed and subscribed again to many youtubers. Some of which I will never watch again, some I went throw stages of liking them and not liking them again and some I have never stopped watching since the minute I found them. Youtube was my escape from my horribly painful life at the time. I was so unhappy with my life, with my self, YouTube was one thing I had, although those youtubers didn’t know who I was, I felt like I was close to them, like I knew them.

To this day youtube is still a big part of my life along with many tv shows and books, like tv shows and books, youtube takes me to another place when my own life isn’t too great, it is also nice to see other people go through everyday things sometimes. My life is a lot better now and I am much happier, I have the right people in my life and I am very content with everything I have so youtube doesn’t play as big as a role as it once did.

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Giving Back This Christmas

Christmas is my favourite holiday, the decorations, the cold weather and the giving & receiving. Pretty much everyone loves to receive something at Christmas and most people will receive more than a couple gifts on Christmas day. During this festive season, it is so easy to forget that there are people out there who will not receive anything this year. The likelihood is, we are all too busy to remember, we are darting around trying to make the house look festive with all the decoration, as well as trying to buy everyone’s presents and wrapping them. People are stressing over not having enough time to buy and make all the food for Christmas day and not having enough bows and sellotape for the presents they still need to wrap. It is so easy to remember, not everyone will have presents under their tree this year, some might not even have a house to live in, to have a tree. If we just stop for a little while, we can see that there are so many people who are going to have the worst Christmas this year. They won’t get presents or a hot Christmas dinner, they might not even have anyone to be with. There are hundreds of homeless men and woman who won’t get hot meal there are children who won’t presents and there are older people who will be alone this Christmas. We need to help them. We do not realise how much we can actually help them. You don’t need to spend money or much time to help someone. Remember, Christmas is about giving, not just giving presents, but giving in general. The homeless will appreciate things like clothes, bedding and toiletries that we take for granted and might even throw out, even though they are in good condition, these things could be going to a homeless shelter, near you. I have decided this year, I am going to give a lot more, then I have in previous years.

Here are 4 different ways you can give to the homeless and lonely this year.

  1. Money Donation – Money Donation may be the easiest way to give to others, you can donate online in minutes or by post. You can give as little as a pound or as much as you wish. This money does so much, a money donation may mean a charity like Age UK can provide companionship for an elderly person who is alone. Many other charities like save the children and crisis benefit from money donations as they can then afford to buy meals and gifts for people in need.
  1. Volunteer – Time can be limited during the Christmas season, but even if you carve out an 1 here and there to volunteer for a charity, it would make a huge difference. There are so many different volunteering opportunities, like serving food at a homeless shelter, or becoming a companion for a lonely person. Volunteering is such a selfless thing to do.
  1. Giveaway – Giving away any old things in your house you no longer use, is a great way to help someone in need. Go around your house and collect anything you no longer use and put them in a box and take them to your nearest charity, post them or use a collection bag( the bags that come through your door) it couldn’t be any easier. Things like towels, flannels, clothes, shoes, furniture, food and toiletries are all great. You may find that you have Christmas gifts you have double off, or you don’t like, that you could give to someone you will actually use them.  Doing this costs nothing and these items haven’t gone to waste.
  1. Make Hampers – Instead of giving a money donation, you could pay gifts for the homeless and make mini ‘hampers’. Get a box and fill it with essentials and maybe some treats that people at a homeless shelter would need. Remember, get what you can afford, people in homeless shelters are there because they have nowhere to live and own nothing, they don’t have a job, and have no money. Homeless Shelters will try and rehabilitate the people they have, so some items will be great to keep people clean and well presented for jobs & job interviews, as well as countless other things. Some Items on this list are deluxe-type items, that not everyone can afford to buy, but others on this list cost less than a £1. You can add;
  • Gloves, Hats & Scarves
  • Thick socks
  • Flannels & Towels
  • Food like canned goods & sweets
  • Toothpaste & Toothbrushes
  • Soap & Hand Sanitizers
  • Tissues, Toilet Roll & Face Wipes
  • Make-up & Nail Varnish ( if you want to add more ‘treat’ items.)
  • Hand Cream, Moisturizer & Body Butter
  • Paper/Notebooks, Colouring Books, Pens & Pencils
  • Toys & Teddy Bears
  • Dog Food, Dog Treats, Spot On & Dog Toys ( Some homeless people have pets, like dogs with them on the streets)
  • Hair Brush, Clips & Hair Ties.
  • Bag, Clothes & Shoes.
  • Body Sprays & Deodorant
  • Hot Water Bottles & Dressing Gowns


Here are the links to some of the charities you could help;

savethechildren –

Age UK              –

Salvation Army  –

Shelter               –

Crisis                  –

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Christmas Q&A – The Christmas Tag

  • Favorite Christmas Movie?

How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

  • Have you ever had a White Christmas?

No, it has either snowed before Christmas and melted before Christmas day or snowed after Christmas, after I had gone back to school. One Christmas, it did snow for around 10 minutes, but it didn’t stay, so that doesn’t count as a ‘Write Christmas’.

  • Do you start your Christmas shopping on Black Friday or wait until the last minute?

Every year I start shopping at different times of the year for Christmas. This year I started shopping for gifts in early November. Black Friday is something mostly done in America, I do not go to the shops on this day. I finished all my shopping on the 2nd week of December.

  • If you could be in any Christmas movie what would it be?

I would be Cindy-Lo-Who from The Grinch.

  • Name all of Santa’s reindeer.

Erm, oh. I don’t know many at all… Donna, Rudolf, Blitzen, Prancer. I even know how many there are.

  • When does your family put up your Christmas tree and who decorates it?

I have my own tree in my room and I put it up in the middle of November (yes, yes, I know, a little early, but I love Christmas), I decorate my own tree. The main tree was put up in the middle of December and my mum put that tree up.

  • Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

Unfortunately, I am allergic to real Christmas Tree, so I have to have a fake one.

  • Peeking at gifts or be surprised?

As much as I want to know what I have gotten each year, I resist my urges to look because I love the surprises on Christmas day.

  • Does your family have a special holiday recipe you like to help make?

No, my family aren’t big on cooking or baking, however, I am. I like to make gingerbread people and Mince Pies at this time of year.

  • Are you a pro-present wrapper, or do you fail miserably?

I would like to think I am a pro-present wrapper, I am definitely not a fail at wrapping. I spend hours carefully wrapping presents and add ribbon, bows and tags.

  • Have you ever gone Christmas caroling?

No, no. I hardly have the confidence to go up to someone’s house and knock on their door, let alone sing for them. I have never gone caroling and have never had carolers at my house, I guess no one does that around where I live?

  • What tops your tree?

My mum tops her tree with an Angel. However, I top mine with a silver star.

  • Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Do you stick to them?

I make about 3-4 each year but find it really hard to keep to them and end up forgetting all about them by the end of January.

  • You have been granted one Christmas wish…what will it be?

To stop all abuse of all kinds.

  • Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

I open my presents on Christmas Morning!

  • Favourite festive food?

Turkey and Gingerbread.

  •  Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

Every year on Christmas eve, me and my brothers get to open a present and get new PJ’s. Now that my mum goes to a family members for a couple hours that evening, I usually get a bubble bath, put on my PJ’s, order a takeaway and watch Christmas movies in bed, I open my present before I go to bed.

  • As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?

I can’t think of a present I asked for that I never got, not in a I got everything I wanted way, but I never asked for something so crazy or wild, that I could not get.

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My Christmas Eve Routine

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions and routines. My family have their own ones, and I have some of my own. Today, I thought I would share my ‘Christmas Eve Routine’.

I start the evening by having a relaxing, hot, bubble bath. I use a Christmas themed bubble bar and bath bomb from Lush. I also use candles all around the bathtub and switch off the lights while in the bath. I wash my hair, cleanse my face & body, shave and use a face mask.

After getting out of the bath, I order my tea online, then I use a moisturizer on my face and a body butter on the rest of my body. I usually braid my hair, which makes it quick and easy on Christmas day. Before I braid my hair, I use a hair balm to make my hair soft and silky; I braid my hair on either side of my head and leave my hair to air dry overnight.

I get into my new pajamas and a pair of fuzzy, warm socks and wait for my tea to arrive. After my food comes I will get into bed with a hot water bottle and put on a Christmas movie, such as Elf, Home Alone or The Grinch. Once I have finished my tea, I will remain watching movies for a couple hours and I might have a few snacks like, brownies or Maltesers.

Before I go to bed around 11 pm, I refill my hot water bottles and quickly clean my room, so it is all clean and ready for Christmas day. Once I have finished cleaning, I get into bed and get a good night’s sleep.

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas.

Christmas can be a stressful time and sometimes we forget to buy a present for someone, or simply have not had the time to get them a present yet. So, here is a list of some last minute gift ideas.

                                             Baked Goods                                           

I think baked goods are always a good idea for gifts any time of the year, especially at Christmas. There are so many different types of things you can bake that are Christmas themed. Gingerbread People, Cupcakes, Mince Pies, Truffles, Christmas Pudding, Christmas Cake, Peppermint Bark or/and Homemade Fudge. Bake Goods are usually very cheap to make and they give such a personal touch to Christmas, as you spent time making these for people to enjoy, not just bought them.

                                                  Gift Sets 

Every year, every supermarket and most shops around, stock up on dozens of differents types of gift sets and you can get them for practically anyone, Although not very personal, you can never go wrong with a gift set. You can get them for every type of person, a person who likes bath bombs, someone who likes aftershaves or someone who likes to bake or even knit. I can guarantee, family members who don’t know we as well as others(because I do not see them as often) will get me gift sets, and I honestly love getting them.

                                           Sentimental DIY’s 

If you don’t have the time or money to go out to the shop, last minute, doing DIY presents are always a good idea. DIYing a present means you can personalize however you like and it can be super sentimental. You could produce a flip book with things you like about that person or make a baked good mix in a jar, simply fill a jar with the dry ingredients you need to make; for example cookies and simply write on a card what they need to add. You could also make a festive phone case or make a collage with all your favorite pictures and memories with the person, you could add movie stubs and concert tickets.


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Christmas Movies; My Favourites.

This is just a small blog post on my favourite Christmas movies, this year. I wanted to share the ones I like to watch every year. What is your favourite Christmas movie?

  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas – The grinch is my favourite Christmas movie, I watch it every year, over and over. It is one of my Christmas eve movie favourites. This movie has such a heartwarming message to it.


  • Elf – My favourite comedic Christmas movie, always on in my house during this time of year.


  • Home Alone – Home Alone 1&2 are classics in my house at Christmas. Weirdly, it’s the only time of the year I watch them.


  • Christmas With The Kranks – Although this is at the bottom of the list, it is still a good movie this time of year, just not the best, but I watch it every year a couple times.


  • The Santa Clause – There is nothing more christmassy than the North Pole, Santa, Reindeers, Snow and Elves and this movie has it all!