Terror Won’t Win

Today I woke up to find out that Manchester was the next city to be a victim to a terror attack. Anger and confusion are among the feelings I had the moment that I found out that the bomb went off at a concert – one in which thousands of young people where. I watched the videos that played on the news, the videos that were filmed inside the venue, I wasn’t listening to the women talking over the video footage because I was engrossed and shocked by the video I was watching. The video simply showed  girls panicking, running, screaming and all I could think was, those poor girls. Imagine getting tickets to your favourite artist, telling all your friends how excited you are about going to see them, getting ready with your friends, stepping into that arena and buying merchandise, sitting in your seat, watching your favourite artist, taking selfies and videos and next minute, after an amazing night with your friends or family, a bomb goes off. You’re walking out of that arena, talking about the concert, happy and content and then that’s it, your life had changed or worse, it’s over.

When I woke up this morning, 19 people had lost their life, just like that. Another 50 were injured. When I got home from work 22 people had lost their life, or should I say 21, because that bomber, that killed 21 people, doesn’t deserve to be classed as anything other then the terrorist that took 21 people with them in their sick, twisted plan. This evening he was named – Salman Abedi. This man, this disgusting man took the life of 21 people, including an 8 year old girl…AN EIGHT YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL. Many more are missing, including teenagers. All I can do, like everyone else is hope, hope that they are okay, that they are found and are safe and okay… as okay as someone can be after such a horrible event.

I can’t stop staring at the picture on the news of the little girl who lost her life, I stare at it and I see my sister, who is also eight, I see my sisters friends, I see every eight year old girl. I don’t understand. I really don’t. This little girl was just going to see an artist she liked, she was probably told all her friends she was going, she probably wanted to buy a top, she probably was singing hours before her death. She was probably walking out that arena at half 10 at night, tired and excited at the same time. What I cant understand, what I don’t get is, how a life can just end, how someone can end a life just like that. We hear it everyday, someone killed someone else. We hear it every month, someone took multiple lives. Last night Salman Abedi took 21 lives. He put over 50 people in hospital. He left mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends and partners scared that they may not have a girlfriend, boyfriend, daughter, son, wife, husband or CHILD anymore. He made young girls and boys panic, cry and scream, he put so much fear in them. All they were doing is enjoying a concert in an arena that holds 15,000 people.

Why do they do this? When I say ‘they’ I am not talking about a whole religion or race, I am talking about the ones who twist the religion they follow and make it their own. I will never understand those people. Why? I keep asking that question. Why do they do this? I know why I some degree but I think I’ll never know fully why they do what they do. Why do they need to take all these people with them? Why do they need to take children with them? How do they think they are going to ‘Heaven’? How can they think killing people is good? How? Just how? Again by ‘they’ I mean the few that take their religion to far, unfortunately the ‘few’ is becoming many.

What do they want? Do they want the western countries to be non-existent? Are we not allowed to live our life and be happy? Cant children and teenagers go to a concert safely? Can’t people go to a Christmas market without it ending in tragedy? Can’t we all just live our life without these people taking many peoples lives and leaving others empty inside?

I won’t stop living my life. I will still go to concerts and the theatre. I will still go on holiday this year and I will go to work tomorrow. I will dress how I always have and speak the way I always have, I will be the same person because I will not let anyone – not these sick twisted extremist, win. They won’t take away my life, they won’t fill me with fear. Anger yes, Fear no.

I hope no more die, but this won’t be the last terror attack in the UK and as much as we can prepare ourselves for it, we can’t stop living our lives either, they can’t win. They won’t. Terrorists will always be around, just as extremists will and religions. We have to live with that piece of truth, but we don’t have to live in fear. We can’t live in fear.


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