How To: Day out at the zoo.

How to have a perfect day at Chester Zoo or what I like to call it ‘How to have a day out without loosing two children on the travel through Liverpool City Centre or while at Chester Zoo.

I made it a task at the start of the year, that this year was going to filled with things I want to do but never got around to because; I didn’t have time too, didn’t have money too or was too scared to . So, I decided to ask my step mum if she could bring my sisters down( from the lakes) so I could take them on a day out alone, something I have never done before. Yes, I take them out when I see them but not on a day out alone. My sisters have been many places, like me they are lucky in that sense, we are well travelled. However, although they have been to many zoo they had never been to Chester Zoo – a zoo I visited multiple times as a child. I got in touch with my step mum about the 11th March, as I had booked that day off and she said it was perfectly fine, so that’s when I started planning.

Now, I am not saying a trip to the zoo takes 2 weeks planning, it doesn’t. I just couldn’t wait to plan the trip so I started at the start of March… okay, okay the end of February.

I cannot stress enough how planning the trip is so important. I don’t drive, at least not yet, so I had to find a means of transport that was reasonable in price and quick for the girls as I didn’t want us on a bus or train for hours before and after the zoo.

Plan your transport.

If you are travelling by car, make sure you can park somewhere and how much it will be ( I know that Chester Zoo does have free parking at the moment). You also need to know the route from your home and work out what time you should leave to get there at opening time – 10am.

If you are travelling by train or bus, you need to find out where the train and buses leave from and what time they leave, as well as prices for everyone.

  • I took a train with the girls into Liverpool Central, where we met my friend who was coming with us. We then had breakfast and walked over to the right bus stop and waited for the X8 going to Chester Zoo.
  • Trains, including a return for the girls cost £1.90 each. Mine cost £3.60. All together it cost me £7.40 for train tickets to central and back. The train left 7.36am.
  • Buses including a return (I got the group mega day ride) cost £4 for me and £4 each for both the girls, this works out at £2 each way for adults and £1 each way for the children. The bus left at 8.28am.

We got to the Zoo for 9.45am, the zoo opens at 10am.

Food, Drinks And Snacks.

For breakfast, I decided to start the day off with a McDonalds breakfast, as that’s a treat for me and my friend as well as the girls. We ordered pancakes. We got our breakfast after getting off the train, before the bus, that is why we left on the early train from Hunts Cross.

We opted for a picnic type dinner. I bought all the food prior to the visit, the fresh stuff was purchased the day before the trip and the others through the week before the trip. I took a lot of snacks for the girls including

  • Ham, Chicken and Cheese Bite size sandwich’s
  • Mini sausage rolls
  • Fruit Shoots
  • Water Bottles
  • Homemade cookies(made the night before with the girls)
  • Snack Attacks
  • Crisp Packets

I prepared the food the night before the trip and me and my friend  shared the food between our 2 bags.

For tea, we went for a meal on the way home in Liverpool City Centre, although most people will decide to go home after a long day at Chester Zoo we thought we would end it with a meal.

My youngest sister ate the most food.


I ordered our tickets online for Chester Zoo the night before but you can buy them until 9.30am on the day. I paid £18.18 for my ticket (student) and £16.36 each for the girls. I also got all day monorail pass’s for us which come to £10 (£4 for me and £3 each for girls). It all come to £60.90

Luggage and Bags

Chester Zoo has lockers! We paid £6 for a large locker at the start of the day we stored our bags and the food for the day while we went around the zoo, we used the monorail to come back to the lockers later for the food. This way we didn’t have to carry anything with us except my phone for pictures and my purse in case the girls wanted anything along the way.

                                                                 At The Zoo

While at the zoo you have to think about what’s best for the girls. We opted to turn right when we went into the zoo meaning we would go around and half way through get the monorail back for food. We then did the other half of the zoo after eating. The girls had breaks from walking throughout the day, we sat down next to a play area so they could either go and play or sit down for a bit – I bet you can guess what they opted for. We used the monorail to cut down on the walking as well. The girls saw all the animals and got a few gifts from the gift shop before we left at half 3 for our bus home.

All in all, we had an amazing day and all the planning turned out to be a massive help.

***disclaimer*** – All images used are not mine, to find them search ‘Chester Zoo’.


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