Trump, Fuck Off.

I can hate a person, hate them to the point that I don’t want to see them happy, it’s something I have developed in resent years and it’s not one of my finest qualities however is serves a purpose to me. My hatred for Donald Trump however, is more then just a dislike or hatred its a complete loathing. It’s been 3 months since America voted in Donald Trump to be the next president of the USA. Now, when I heard this news early on the 9th of November last year, I thought it was a joke, I found myself repeating ‘ oh my god I can’t believe he was voted in’ over and over all day at work. How? How did this happen? How could we allow a racist and sexist man to run one of the biggest countries in the world?! I am still confused and lost as to how this happened. This man is all for gun crime, he doesn’t care about woman’s rights, in fact he doesn’t care about anyone’s rights. Many women protested for women’s rights a couple of weeks ago and now, people are protesting against this disgusting ‘Muslim ban’ but is it enough? This man doesn’t listen to others, he doesn’t care what we have to say and every time I read about this man, I personally want to get a gun and shot him myself. He’s a joke, an utter joke.

CNN is a REAL news channel, trump. Maybe you don’t like that they report the truth about you, but that doesn’t mean they’re fake. It means you’re an ASSHOLE and they’re just reporting the facts.

No, you can’t grab a women by the pussy, because that’s sexual assault and it’s illegal.

All your wives have been foreigners, so please explain how ‘banning’ anyone who isn’t from America is going to help you, what will you do when this one leaves you? I can’t imagine any self respecting women from America will marry you.

Do you have a uterus Trump? Thought not, so what makes you think you are in control of a women’s reproductive organs? You aren’t just cutting funds for abortion, you’re cutting fund for breast cancer tests, pap smears and contraceptives.

You shouldn’t have the power you have over others. You don’t have the power over women and I would sooner go to prison or die before you tell women what to do with their body and their life.


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