Does  anyone else get this feeling of dread when a new week starts? It isn’t that I don’t want to get up and go to work, it isn’t that  have to go out and be apart of the world again, it’s something else. I want this feeling to leave and by the time I am half way through the week, it is gone but on a Monday night, when I have work the next day I get an odd feeling in my stomach. It’s like nerves mixed with dread and pain, like I just don’t want to start a new week, why I don’t know. I have a good life now, a job I really like and friends I am very close too, I have no serious issues going on and for once in a long time in my life I am finally at peace with everything and everyone around me, so what’s with this feeling? Is it because I don’t feel myself without being in pain and upset, have I not got the ability to be happy and not worry that something really bad is going to happen. Life is good right now but what if, when this week starts, something bad happens and my life is filled with pain and tears again. Maybe it’s fear, I am fearful that my life is going to be bad again. I have had such a good 2016, yeah, I have cried and screamed and been angry but hasn’t everyone at some point? I am content, I am good and I’ve gotten over so much, I haven’t wrote a blog post like this in a while simply because I have been so busy and happy with my life that I haven’t needed to but right now I am feeling fearfully lost and I don’t wanna sink even lower.


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