Christmas Nightly Routine (2016)

I am not the most organised person these days, between coursework, work and my life, I find it hard to be as organised as I used to be. But, when it comes to my morning and night routines, I like to stick to them. This is my nightly routine. Of course some things differ, if I am in work the next day I go to bed earlier, it really depends on the day but the routine below is my normal 5 days a week working days routine…

I usually leave work around half 4, I get the bus and walk the rest of the way home, I am normally always home for 5pm.

As it is Christmas time at the moment, it is dark by the time I get home, so once I get in, I turn on all my Christmas lights – the ones on my window and my tree lights. I turn on my computer and leave it to load while I go and run my bath.

I come back to my desk and usually check my emails, twitter and facebook while the bath is filling up.

Before I get in the bath, I put on a facemask, I have been loving the RENAISSANCE MASK by OSKIA.

Once I am in the bath, I condition and shampoo my hair using the Andrew Barten Mask Conditioner and Head & Shoulders Shampoo. I use the St. Ives scrub to scrub my skin, I then use one of my favourite body washes to cleanse.

Once I am out the bath, I put on Christmas music, set the candles in my room and put on my comfy, cosy PJs. I brush my hair out and use an oil on my hair.

By now, I am normally hungry, so I head down stairs and make myself something for my tea, I let my dog out in the garden while I cook my food. Before I sit down with my tea, I make sure my dog has his tea in his bowl.

I like to snuggle up in bed with my tea and catch up on Vlogmas Videos while I eat. After I have finished eating, I finish watching YouTube and head over to my computer again.

I normally work on either coursework or blog posts for a good hour. Once it hits 8pm, I shut down everything and finally come away from my computer.

I head down stairs again and make my hot water bottles, make a cup of tea and grab myself a snack, like a piece of fruit. I also fill a cup up with water, in case I get thirsty during the night.

Once I get back to my room, I will brush my hair out again and either tie it in a bun or braid it for the night.

I go into the bathroom and use the Biore face cleanser and wash my face.

I use the Olay 2 in 1 cleanser and toner on my face, followed by the blackhead eliminating lotion by Neutrogena. I am currently testing out the MONUSKIN Soothing Touch Recovery Balm under my moisturizer. I use the Nivea night cream before applying the CAUDALIE ‘The Eye Cream’ under my eyes. Once all these products have set into my face, I use an anti blemish cream on any spots I have on my face. I finish my face routine with a lip balm, I have been using the POLAAR lip balm the last couple months, it’s amazing!

I now can settle into my warmed up bed, I put on a Christmas movie and relax with my snack and drink, I will normally check my phone during the movie.(If you want to see my favourite Christmas movies, check them out here)

Once the movie has finished, I turn off the TV, go the toilet and brush my teeth. I turn off the Christmas lights and get under the covers, set my alarm and call it a night…


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