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Some things I’ve learnt while being a dog groomer

So, as I have stated in previous blog posts I am currently an apprentice dog groomer doing my level 2 in animal care. I have been at a grooming salon( well 2) for around 9 months now and I have learned a few things while working at a dog grooming salon. Here is my list:

People think I play with puppies all day

So, once I mention that I am a dog groomer I often get a lot of responses along the lines of ‘ oh that’s nice, you have a really easy job’ , ‘ why are you so tired? All you do is play with dogs all day’ and I have even heard ‘ I am in the wrong business, that must be really easy money’ . Now can I just say, before anyone agrees with any of these statements, that they are all wrong. No, my job isn’t easy, I am tired because I do a lot more then play with dogs and No, it is not an easy money making business contrary to popular believe. The last thing I do at work is play with dogs. You may see a 60 second video on dog grooming facebook pages of us playing on the floor with your pampered pooch, but that is not all we do, you see, those dogs have been washed, dried, brushed and groomed within 1 and half hours by 1 to 2 people who haven’t sat down all day and before the dog goes home they go out for a wee, and might get a treat, so for 2 minutes a dog, we can stroke them and play with them, but 2 minutes is not the same to all day. I do not play with puppies all day, If that is what I wanted to do, I’d be in the wrong profession.

People lie

Okay, something we all know, people will lie, but I have never come across this as much as I do now I have a job and deal with the public. Now, I am not saying these are massive lies, but I do not understand why people need to lie. When you tell us your poodle gets brushed daily and doesn’t need shaving, doesn’t mean anything if your dog comes in matted, it’s going to get shaved and it’s obvious you either haven’t been brushing the dog daily or brushing him correctly.   When you tell us your dog is ‘good’ and ‘doesn’t bite’ on your first visit, we believe you, but when the dogs hanging off our hand over its leg being touched, we aren’t going to believe you anymore.

Small dogs will attack you

I can tell you many stories about a small dog like a ‘fluffy and cute’ Bichon or an adorable Pomeranian that doesn’t like to be groomed and shows you their hatred for it by hanging of your fingers, hands and arms. You see, the smaller the dog, the more likely it is to have you off in 2 seconds flat. I don’t know why this is and it is not the case with every small dog, I know many well behaved smaller dogs but the percentage of aggressive small dogs is massive compared to bigger dogs. Not everyone agrees with me here but come work at my place for a couple weeks and you’ll be walking( or running) out agreeing with me.

Some days are hard

Sometimes you’ll get home and you don’t wanna go back in the next day. You’ve have probably dealt with one too many naughty dogs or rude customers and just want to give it all in. Yes, I have lied there at night and wondered why I am doing this job but I get up the next morning and I carry on like everyone else.  I love my job but sometimes I feel the need to drive into the middle of nowhere and scream my lungs out in the middle of a field, but instead I have a bath, watch Netflix, have some chocolate and get an early night.



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