What does youtube mean to you?

Okay, long time no see. I have been busy with my new apprenticeship. Sorry!

So, the other day I was sat in my room, thinking about YouTube. Not the website, the people creating content on YouTube, the you tubers. YouTube has been in my life ever since I discovered it back in 2010. I remember I used to lay in bed on a Saturday night till 2am watching YouTube videos on my old BlackBerry – keep in mind, this was the old BlackBerry which aren’t very big.

I think the first YouTuber I ever subscribed too was Cassandra Banks, I would binge watch her makeup and beauty videos and wish to one day have a makeup collection like she had. I was 14 back then and was very new too makeup and I learnt the first things about makeup from her. Over the years I become more and more obsessed with YouTube, subscribing to over 100 channels by 2015. As my life changed, YouTube remained a constant. I would come home from a crappy day at school and watch videos that made me laugh and feel good and suddenly my worries where out the window and I was yet again submerged in YouTube for another night.

I have discovered, subscribed, unsubscribed and subscribed again to many youtubers. Some of which I will never watch again, some I went throw stages of liking them and not liking them again and some I have never stopped watching since the minute I found them. Youtube was my escape from my horribly painful life at the time. I was so unhappy with my life, with my self, YouTube was one thing I had, although those youtubers didn’t know who I was, I felt like I was close to them, like I knew them.

To this day youtube is still a big part of my life along with many tv shows and books, like tv shows and books, youtube takes me to another place when my own life isn’t too great, it is also nice to see other people go through everyday things sometimes. My life is a lot better now and I am much happier, I have the right people in my life and I am very content with everything I have so youtube doesn’t play as big as a role as it once did.


2 thoughts on “What does youtube mean to you?”

  1. YouTube is straight up my TV. I have cable, I have Netflix but all I watch is YouTube. I’m finding the stuff I watch unrelateable to others. If someone says “what did you watch last night?” and I mention a YouTuber they kind of look at you like you have no life lol. It’s always nice when you meet someone who watches the same YouTubers and I tend to bond with them more quicker now.

    It’s weird. But it’s like one big TV show to me.


    1. I agree, although I do like my TV show’s I find it easier to bond with people who watch the same youtubers as me. I guess youtube is such an amazing thing because it isn’t scripted, what you watch is real( for the most part) and they aren’t playing a role xxx


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