My Christmas Eve Routine

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions and routines. My family have their own ones, and I have some of my own. Today, I thought I would share my ‘Christmas Eve Routine’.

I start the evening by having a relaxing, hot, bubble bath. I use a Christmas themed bubble bar and bath bomb from Lush. I also use candles all around the bathtub and switch off the lights while in the bath. I wash my hair, cleanse my face & body, shave and use a face mask.

After getting out of the bath, I order my tea online, then I use a moisturizer on my face and a body butter on the rest of my body. I usually braid my hair, which makes it quick and easy on Christmas day. Before I braid my hair, I use a hair balm to make my hair soft and silky; I braid my hair on either side of my head and leave my hair to air dry overnight.

I get into my new pajamas and a pair of fuzzy, warm socks and wait for my tea to arrive. After my food comes I will get into bed with a hot water bottle and put on a Christmas movie, such as Elf, Home Alone or The Grinch. Once I have finished my tea, I will remain watching movies for a couple hours and I might have a few snacks like, brownies or Maltesers.

Before I go to bed around 11 pm, I refill my hot water bottles and quickly clean my room, so it is all clean and ready for Christmas day. Once I have finished cleaning, I get into bed and get a good night’s sleep.


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