Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas.

Christmas can be a stressful time and sometimes we forget to buy a present for someone, or simply have not had the time to get them a present yet. So, here is a list of some last minute gift ideas.

                                             Baked Goods                                           

I think baked goods are always a good idea for gifts any time of the year, especially at Christmas. There are so many different types of things you can bake that are Christmas themed. Gingerbread People, Cupcakes, Mince Pies, Truffles, Christmas Pudding, Christmas Cake, Peppermint Bark or/and Homemade Fudge. Bake Goods are usually very cheap to make and they give such a personal touch to Christmas, as you spent time making these for people to enjoy, not just bought them.

                                                  Gift Sets 

Every year, every supermarket and most shops around, stock up on dozens of differents types of gift sets and you can get them for practically anyone, Although not very personal, you can never go wrong with a gift set. You can get them for every type of person, a person who likes bath bombs, someone who likes aftershaves or someone who likes to bake or even knit. I can guarantee, family members who don’t know we as well as others(because I do not see them as often) will get me gift sets, and I honestly love getting them.

                                           Sentimental DIY’s 

If you don’t have the time or money to go out to the shop, last minute, doing DIY presents are always a good idea. DIYing a present means you can personalize however you like and it can be super sentimental. You could produce a flip book with things you like about that person or make a baked good mix in a jar, simply fill a jar with the dry ingredients you need to make; for example cookies and simply write on a card what they need to add. You could also make a festive phone case or make a collage with all your favorite pictures and memories with the person, you could add movie stubs and concert tickets.



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