I have been using the ‘RIMMEL LONDON – STAY MATTE’ Foundation for about 3 weeks now. This foundation has been amazing for my everyday make-up. It is my go-to foundation at the minute. I wear 010 – LIGHT PORCELAIN, as I have pale skin.

The ‘STAY MATTE’ foundation claims that;

  • It is Lightweight
  • It has Shine Control
  • It won’t feel heavy or greasy
  • It has a silky smooth formula
  • It blends flawlessly

When I got the foundation, I was unsure how to apply it, as I normally buy liquid foundations, not mousse ones. After a couple of attempts of applying and blending the foundation to my face, I found it is best to use a beauty blender. I also found you do not need much of this product if you use too much it does become very cakey and looks like you have too much foundation on. As for what it claims on the tube, it does do most of these things. If you apply the right amount, it is very light on your skin. When I apply this foundation, I feel as if I do not need much powder and it does seems to last around 12 hours without being topped up and you don’t need to apply more powder during the day, so I would say it does have shine control. Overall, the foundation does apply nicely and very easily. It does have a silky smooth formula and my makeup looks good all day when I am wearing this foundation. For its inexpensive price, It is great for anyone on a budget, or looking for something cheap. I believe it retails at around £5  and would be amazing for a student, who need a cheap but good foundation. I would rate this product a ⅗ .


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