W7 In The Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

I purchased the W7 In The Nude palette about 3 weeks about have found myself reaching for it ever since, when opening my eye make-up draw. I decided to review it because it is a very good palette but it does have some cons, like most things.

photophoto 1

The In the Nude palette consists of 12 colours. 3 matte colors and the rest are shimmering colours. The eyeshadows come in a long, thin tin containers, the palette comes with a brush, that has a side for applying the eyeshadow and another side for blending/ smudging in the eyeshadow.

The 12 Colours.

(left to right)photo 3

Latte – Latte is a off cream/ yellowy cream colour. I usually use this as a base to other shadow colours.

Angel – Angel is a light pink, shimmery/glittery colour, that is great for adding a subtle sparkle to your eyes.

Venice – Venice is a less pinker and less shimmery vision of Angel.

Marilyn – Marilyn is the second matte colour and is a sheer light pink shade.

Copper Pot– Copper Pot is more of a darker pink and is very shimmering.

Sun Kissed – Sun Kissed, is a shimmery rose gold colour with copper and pink undertones.  

Alice – Alice is the last matte shade in the palette and is a purply colour with pink undertones.

Bad Manners – Bad Manners is similar shade to venice but has more copper in it, then pink.

Coffee Cup  – Coffee Cup is a dark copper shimmery shade with brown undertones.

Mud Slide -Mud Slide has pink, copper and brown undertones with a shimmer.

Tokyo – Tokyo has less shimmer and is a mix of grey and brown.

Fashionista – Fashionista has little shimmer and is a dark brown shade.
The Palette is a very pinky-shimmery palette with shades of copper and brown. It is a natural/nude palette that is great for everyday use as most of the colours are natural, you could use this palette in your school makeup routine or work makeup rountine. The Shades are pretty sheer, but this is good if you prefer to build your eyeshadow, like I do. I also prefer having sheer colours, because then I don’t run the risk of applying too much. The eyeshadows are easy to blend, which is something I really like about this palette. The only downside, I have found is that, there is a lot of fall out with this product. I don’t think this is a massive problem, as i just wipe it away, with a brush. Overall I think this product is good value for money and a good dupe for the NAKED palettes, if you do not mind a little fall out.  The price is very reasonable and good value for money, if you are on a budget or just looking for a good low priced dupe.

photo 2

I will have reviews for the other W7 eyeshadow palettes up soon, if you have any review requests, let me know in the comments or tweet me @lifeasshanx  .

Shannon x


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