How To Clean Make-Up Brushes

Cleaning your brushes is important for a couple reasons. Brushes collect makeup and if not washed regularly can cause breakouts and spots. Brushes will also last longer if you clean them regularly. They say you should wash your brushes once a week but I don’t. I think it depends how much makeup you put on and how often your wear makeup. There isn’t much point cleaning your brushes if you only used them once or twice in the week to apply some powder and blush. I wear make up about 4/7 days a week depending on what I do that week, so I wash my brushes once every two weeks, so twice a month. Unless of course they are dirtier than usual, maybe because I wore makeup more often recently. So it’s really up to you when you wash your brushes just make sure it’s regularly.  I use a couple things to wash my brushes to keep it simple and easy.

photo 3 (2)photo 1 (4)

You’ll need:

Your makeup brushes

  • Shampoo/Makeup cleanser/Soap ( I use baby shampoo, but you can use any shampoo or liquid soap).
  • Baby oil ( you could use olive oil, but this for your concealer and lip brushes)
  • Warm Water
  • Makeup Guards ( you can find these on amazon for about a pound)
  1. Start by dipping your brush into the water until the bristles of the brush are wet.
  2. Apply a small amount of shampoo to your hand and rub the rub in the palm of your hand. Use your fingers  and run the brush-up and down them, this will create bumps and product will come off the brush easier. Put the brush into the clean warm water to clean of product on the brushYou have to repeat this step a couple times, depending on how much product is on the brush and the size of the brush. * For brushes with concealer or lip products use a little baby oil before you do this step. The baby oil will help remove products like lipstick or lipgloss.
  3. Carefully squeeze out some of the water, and lay on a flannel or towel. Repeat with will brushes
  4. Once all brushes are clean and wet, Place the guard over brush and leave to dry for around 12 hours.

* It may take a little longer or not as long to dry, depending on where they are drying and depending on the size of the brush*

This is how I do my brushes. It is easy and a cheaper alternative, you don’t need fancy makeup cleansers or a special ‘brush cleaner’.

I will have more blog posts like this up soon.

Shannon x


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