Getting Ready For A New School Year.

The last thing you want to think about during your summer holiday is school, but it will come around eventually and it is better to be ready and organized then running around on the last day of the summer holidays buying supplies that have now doubled in price! I did not like school, but I loved shopping for new supplies and getting ready for the next year. I was always one of those people who would have about 20 pens, pencils, rulers ect at the start of the school year, but then by winter break. I’d be searching for a pen all over my house. I have no idea where those supplies disappeared too, but they just vanished. The last couple of years of school were different though. I managed to keep track of all my supplies and that was because I was more organized.

Today I thought I  would create a blog post on how to be more organized when it comes to the new school year. It doesn’t cost much to be organized, it may take a little more time, but in the long-run it is worth it. Since leaving high school i have been even more organized and this is how.

Classic supplies:

  • Pens- black, blue, red and coloured writing pens
  • Pencils – Mechanical and Wood
  • Paper – Lined, Squared and Plain
  • Ruler, Sharpener and Rubber x2
  • Notebooks (one for each subject, and a spare)
  • Glue, Hole punch and Stapler
  • Paperclips and Staples
  • Folder ( for spare loose papers, one for each subject)
  • Binder ( for each subject. I suggest the better binders from staples, they are cheap and will last a long time).
  • Coloured Pencils ( I suggest Crayola) and Felt Tips.
  • Sticky Notes and Scissors
  • Q Cards
  • Highlighters ( 4 seems like a good amount)
  • Correctional fluid or tape.
  • Sellotape ( small one should do fine).
  • White/Cork Board.
  • Magnets and Cork Board Pins
  • Clear Pocket Holders

                                                       Small Desk? No problem.

If you have a small desk like me, or no desk at all then this may be a good idea for you.

1.Get an old box. A large shoe box or storage container that is hanging around the house. You could buy a flat pack small box from a store, if you have money to spare. In this box you can keep your spare paper clips, pens, staples, glue sticks and other things you do not need on your desk.

  1. Keep 2 pencil holders on your desk. In one put your pens, pencils, ruler, scissors. In the second put highlighters and coloured felt tips and pencils.
  2. Keep sticky notes on your desk, incase you need to write a keep note.
  3. Keep a white/cork board above your desk or near. You can get then half and half at most stores for a couple of pound. On one side, the white board side, you can add what you need to do or need to buy on this side. On the cork side you can add letters you need to send, or appointment dates or small notes of information you may need.

Need a Desk?

ALEX Desk IKEA Built-in cable management for collecting cables and cords; out of sight but close at hand.

                                                           Binders and Folders

Once you have a binder and coursework . You are ready to organize your binder.

*I will be referring to the better binders design but if you have a different type of binder you can change it around to suit its design*

  1. Put the name of the subject inside of the slip on the front of your binder, and or on the side of the binder where there is a space. You may want to put your name too.
  2. Place some clear slips inside the binder, about 8-10. I like to keep some spare at the back incase i need to make a new section later on or add onto the current section.
  3. Section the binder into columns and name them accordingly. I suggest, if the binder is for homework or coursework. To have one section for due work that needs completing and due work that is done. Then past work in the pack.   If you are sectioning by modules in a subject, organize by what tests will be taken first, or in alphabetical order. For instance, if you was to take food like I did. I would organize my work into Hygiene, Safety, Recipes, Food Information ,Kitchen and Equipment. Then in the back i would keep past tests and homework for study help.
  4. Place a Lined refill pad at the front. It just makes it easier to have paper ready, instead of using 1 pad for every subject and if you have to take your binder to class you will have paper in every binder instead of getting the same notebook out for every subject.

Staples BETTER Lever Arch File A4 Yellow 2 Rings 75mm

I used folders for a lot of different things. I use them to keep spare sheets of paper that don’t really belong anywhere else. For instance I used them in high school for homework- to transport it to and from school, so its not crumpled and ripped when it gets there or home. You know that kid who had all his homework assignments in a ball crumpled up at the bottom of his bag, he’s usually the one who doesn’t do so well, or hand it in at all. They are great for other things too, because they come in so many sizes and designs. Plastic, Card ect.

You can use them to store homework, bills, receipts, School reports or personal information like your passport and NI number. They are a cute, easy, cheap way of storing things that normally wouldn’t’t have a home. If things don’t have a home they end up getting lost, binned or stuffed into ‘junk drawers’ . The bad thing about this is you end up with 5 junk drawers instead of just keeping all your folders in one and saving space for other things, if you’re like me that is an excuse to buy more clothes and makeup to fill those poor empty drawers!

                                                 Bookshelf & Bookcases.

Investing in a bookcase or a simple bookcase will save you so much hassle and bookshelves, go for cheap these days mine were around 15 pound while my bookcase was around 60 pound.

Bookcases are amazing.. I don’t use them for book’s alone. Mine has 3 shelves. On the top I keep books and magazines, the second is DVDS and the bottom i keep all my binders, folders and notebooks! Mine is the skinny type which is perfect for my room. If you have a small room skinny bookcases are the best. The bulky ones take up a lot of space and even though i have a big room, i do not want the space taken up by a massive bookcase, when i do not need it.

Bookshelves are a cheaper option that usually are better for those smaller rooms. They go on the wall so you do not have to worry about floor space being used up. I keep containers on my shelves with beauty/skincare items on/in.


One thing that gets me inspired to work hard and get things done, is decor, weirdly. I like a cute area to work in. This can include. Cute coloured supplies and pencil pots. But also your books. This a age old trick to make your books last longer and look better. It makes notebooks that cost 50p look a little more expensive and you can custom the design of everyone by adding stickers, glitter and shimmer. Decorate your desk by adding a picture frame or colourful pencil pot. I keep pink speakers, blue pencil pot’s and a white fan on my desk along with some sticky notes and my diary and journal on the side. My laptop sits in the middle.

                                       Having more than one of each item. 

I think it’s important to have more than just a couple pens and one ruler. If you go to school you will need supplies to take to school, but might also need them to study with later on when you get home. Instead of getting the same things out of your pencil case to use at home or vice via. Get a couple of everything, like I suggested you should do with paper and your binders. Get a pencil case and a Pencil pot. In each of these put the same items that you use both in and out of school. A couple pens, pencils , highlighters. A ruler, Scissors, Glue stick and correction fluid( you can get them in pen form for pencil holders. That way you are always having to get your pencil case out of your bag each night to do your homework. It can stay in your bag and you are less likely to forget it the next morning.

                                           Keep a Planner, Agenda or Dairy.

Schools usually give you planners but if they don’t it is best to buy one yourself. But you can also just use the calendar on your phone or laptop. I use the Sunrise Calendar, which you can get for free on google play. If you prefer to write down your assignments and such, you can get Planners for a couple pounds at most stores. In your planner you should keep a few things including. A summary of your assignments and their due dates. You should carve out time for example: Monday 6-8pm Writing History paper on WW2. You could keep tabs on all the assignments that are not done, half way done and done. You can keep your planner organized by using colour and code. Instead of not done write ND in pencil so you can rub it out when it is done and write D for done. You should also use different coloured post it notes.

                                                Planning To Study.

Being honest I spent more time planning to study than actually studying during high school, which is a problem. You can make an easy weekly planner with just a couple of items. Firstly, if you have a laptop, open up google sheets ( the one you make spreadsheets on). You can get it on google and microsoft. You can use this to plan out your weekly study schedule or homework schedule. It is great because you can change it by just editing it, you can do that with a piece of paper. You could print it off or save it as your wallpaper/screensaver. Below is an example of how yours could look. Remember you could also take this idea and put it on plain paper and use coloured pens. You can make a few, but one in your binder and one of your wall or on your cork board, as a reminder. As you can see below I prefer to work most weekday evenings so I can have the weekends to myself and you can design and plan your study schedule around your school time and other activities you do weekly.

9am – 3pm 4pm-5pm 5pm-6pm 7pm-8pm 9pm-10pm 10pm >
Monday School History Tea/ Snack/Break Art N/A N/A
Tuesday School Tea/Snack/Break English RE N/A N/A
Wednesday School N/A Geography Science Math N/A
Thursday School English DT Tea/Snack/Break RE N/A
Friday School N/A N/A Math English History
Saturday N/A Math Science N/A N/A N/A
Sunday N/A Drama N/A N/A N/A N/A

                                                 What to take with you..

I suggest taking a biggish bag. Not a massive one but big enough to fit all your things in on a dairy bases. Like:

  • Folder for Study material and homework.
  • Pencil Case
  • Planner
  • PE Kit ( days you need it)
  • Water & Money ( food if you bring your own )
  • Your lesson planner
  • Others – Phone, Make-up, Deodorant, Snack, Hand Sanitizer ( because it is a school full of people)

Now all you need to do it go shopping for new clothes or a new uniform and you are ready for a new school year.


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