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How To Deal With Periods

Being a woman is hard. We go through so much; PMS(pre-mentrual syndrome), Periods, Child-birth and of course Hormones. I thought I’d create a blog post on my way on how to deal with ‘that time of the month’ because it isn’t just the period for 5-7 days that we have to deal with. I used to get terrible periods, were i felt like staying in bed or in the bath the whole 5 days because of the intense cramps and back-pain. I suffer with a heavy period and it’s possibly the worse thing i used to go through ( i am currently on the pill and hardly bleed at all any-more, let a lot get the cramps or back-pain).  I dreaded that 2 weeks, were i felt like my body was silently saying ‘ I hate you’. So here is my guide to dealing with periods and the everything else that comes with them. I am no expert and I do not know everything or what works best for every woman, but here is what I do know and learnt.


PMS is thought to be caused by the changes in hormones in our body. There a couple easy things you can do to help. Having a good diet- eating healthy. Regular exercise, I don’t mean hours of intense workouts because trust me i know no ones in the mood for that at this time of month. But light exercise like stretching and yoga could help. Getting a good night’s sleep is always helpful. Find a way to relieve stress-maybe take a bath.


Period pains or as I like to call it ‘Satan’s gift to woman’There are a lot of ways of easing period pains. Here are some of the things I do;


Hot Water Bottle & Bed.


My two favourite things when I have period pains is having my hot water bottle and climbing into bed. The heat helps ease the pain.

Hot Bubble Bath.


There is nothing better then a hot bubble bath to ease the pain of the cramps and back-pain and helps relieve stress.



If your pain is so unbearable take some painkillers to relieve your pain if you have to go out and can’t have a bubble bath or take your hot water bottle.

Combined Contraceptive Pill.

This worked so well for me. If you have a heavy period and really intense pains then this might be a good choice for you. It lightens your period and decreases your pains. It also clears your skin so that’s a bonus.

But girls, I totally understand if you want to just jump into bed with a tub of Ben&Jerry’s. I’m the same.

I know these are the basic ways of getting through the week of pain but I like to put input into it. If you have any others that work for you.. Let me know in the comments or on twitter! – lifeasshanx.

In other news: I know my blog’s have been lacking lately and it’s down to a lot but I am trying to pick up the slack by putting up two blog’s a week starting next week. Please I’d love to know if any of you have requests or questions to ask. Tweet me or comment below.  You can also follow me on instagram and i will follow back, you can DM on there as well. – These_little_quotez . See you next week for another blog post.


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