Revenge Series Finale – The end.

So, I have just finished watching the series finale of Revenge. I have to say the writers ended this show amazingly well. The show didn’t feel like it was cancelled, it just felt like it had naturally come to an end. If you are unsure on what revenge is check out the back story here – http://abc.go.com/shows/revenge/about-the-show .

Before watching the series finale ‘two graves’ I thought the 2 deaths would have been Victoria and Emily/Amanda or Emily/Amanda and Jack. I was so happy to see that Emily and Jack both survived! The episode was full of shocking content. Firstly, I thought Amanda was going to kill Victoria, but when it turn’t out to be David, I was relieved and shocked. I’m glad it was David who shot her because Amanda wouldn’t have to spend her life in jail. David knew he was dying and he got let out of jail to spend his last couple days with his daughter’s.  Secondly, I was shocked to find out Louise changed sides, I’m not sure why she did this, but she came back onto Amanda’s side and ended up attending her wedding to Jack. And, Thirdly the wedding! I never thought it would happen but it did and it was done so beautifully.  Nolan walking Amanda down the aisle, Louise, Charlotte and Stevie being there. They have had their judgements about Amanda, but now have all made amends. And of course the fact Emily and Jack got married. Her dress was stunning and Jacks speech summed it all up. He mentioned the loved ones they have lost and the fight they have gone through to get to were they are. And to top it all off, they get a new puppy just like Sammy!

I was very pleased with the outcome of this series! Now I can imagine them coming back from their honeymoon and living at the beach house were they will raise Carl and maybe adopt more children? They will have a puppy/dog and it will be just like when they was kids . Nolan will be near by like a uncle, still doing his revenging- type thing with his ‘clients’ . Charlotte and Louise will be close by, living their life’s  and they will all have a happy ending and will lead a more carefree life. The life they should have had but was stolen from them, by people who have paid for what they did.

I have loved Revenge since the start in 2011, and I am delighted on how shockingly stunning the finale was. I don’t think I have seen an ending to a storyline like this one. The show was scandalous and gripping, and I am going to miss my weekly Revenge hour. But, I wrote this post to say goodbye to one of favourite shows out there that I never missed an episode of. I Think the actors who played the characters: Amanda,Emily, Nolan ,Daniel, Victoria, David, Charlotte, Jack, Louise, Declan, Aidan and all the other actors did an astonishing job at playing these characters, they did it so well. #goodbyerevenge.

What I’d like to know – Where did mason go? Will he turn up again?


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