Pretty Little Liars ‘A’ – Charles Theory.

pretty-little-liars-sasha-pieterse-season-4-finaleOkay, So for months now my friends have been telling me to check out this show, Pretty Little Lairs and I didn’t for a while but about a month ago I decided to check it out. I am little ashamed to say I binged watched all 5 seasons, up to date in just 2 weeks. I really enjoyed the show, as i really enjoy drama/thriller and intrigue. There was something new about the show I hadn’t seen in other shows that was fresh and interesting. Every episode was so engrossing and gripping that by the end of the episode I couldn’t put my tablet down I had to watch another episode even if it was 2am and i had to be up at 6am.  Every season i had a different idea on who ‘A’ was, but we know who ‘A’ is now, only his name though. So it was released on the last episode of season 5 that ‘A’ is someone called Charles DiLaurentis and at the end of the episode we see the girls still stuck in Charles ‘doll house’, which by the way is the most creepiest thing I’ve seen. This Charles must have some serious mental health issues. Everyone has there own theory to who exactly ‘A’ is and I don’t in that case, but i have my own theory on why he might want to torture these girls, Alison mostly.  

Do you remember the flash back to one of the last Halloween the girls spent with Alison before she ‘disappeared’ and she told some children a story about 2 sisters who were left alone and one stabbed the other one? Well it could be a long shot but we know that Alison knew more than anyone ever thought she knew and its obvious Jason and Charles are twins because it is shown in the home video, Spencer sees.


Well what if the stabbing story is true to some extent?  Maybe Charles stabbed Jason and Jason lived but Charles got sent away, maybe to a mental institute until he was 18 or 21 and then decided he wanted to torture the family that sent him away because he never got to live the life they all did. Mrs DiLaurentis was killed by ‘A’, he could have killed his own mother because she sent him away. Even if my theory is wrong, there is obviously a reason they gave away Charles and kept Jason. That is just my theory, with all the plot twists in this show, I could be completely off. For all we know Charles was abducted and trained by  another person to be ‘A’, this show gets crazy sometimes. I have an idea or plot theory and its completely wrong. The show is very good at plot twists, I guess that is why its so intriguing. I can’t wait for the return in June 2015. Not long now… enhanced-buzz-1853-1377625106-32   


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