My review on the BRIT AWARDS .

So, if you didn’t catch the BRIT awards on the 25th then you should watch it online and if you did, I’m sure you’ve got your own opinion. But I’m going to review it in my opinion which is a first for me on my blog.


Firstly, can we start of with the fact that Ant & Dec were the hosts this year, which gave the show the best start, as i love them 2. If you didn’t catch the rude attachment of the vegetables at the start, watch it again. Only trust them two to do something like that! The copying each over before the Take That performance and taking selfies with Kim Kardashian’s are classic humour from Ant & Dec, so I’d expect nothing less. Overall I enjoyed their presenting.


Okay, normally performances each year are normally not that great, as i normally only enjoy about 1 or 2. But this year was quite amazing, except Kanye West of course. Lets start with him,  Firstly I do appreciate that Kim Kardashian actually wore some clothes. Secondly Kanye Wests performance was terrible, Now I’m not a fan of him anyway, i believe he’s borderline abusive and possessive(another story). But his performance was terrible and i am not being biased. Lets start of with the fact i don’t like rap, so i wouldn’t have liked it anyway, to add to that thought he can’t sing let alone rap. Adding to this, if you are going to swear during a live performance that children are going to waching, expect that its going to be muted, which it was. So the bad rapping that was being muted out every 2 seconds was just TERRIBLE. I loved Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, they was hands down the best! Taylor and Ed and both sing amazingly well live, and have amazing lyrics to their songs. Taylor’s outfit looked like a formal outfit you’d wear to the office, which looks perfect on her. Ed’s performance was so down to earth, I love him so much! In conclusion to their performances Blank Space and Bloodscream, were both amazing. Sam Smith and Royal Blood are artists I’m not the biggest fan of but there performance were outstanding. Well, i have to admit Sam Smith never ceases to fail while on the stage. But I’m not really a Rock fan, so Royal Blood was in my top performances. I did really enjoy George Ezra, his music is really soothing. Paloma Faith, is a great singer.Take That are the typical boyband, they was good, but nothing memorable for me. Leaving one of the best till last.  Madonna, now a lot of the younger audience won’t really know alot about madonna or her music because she was the artist that was biggest around the 80s/90s. Now I love 80s music , so i know alot of her music already, even though i was not around. She was one of my mums favourite artists while she was growing up, as she was a teen during the 90s. I’m 16 so i wasn’t around, but my love for 80’s music made her music well known to me. Aside from the fall and dropping the mic(which did show she’s human) her performance was outstanding, she has always had great vocals and amazing lyrics. Overall, in performances, I liked more then i hated, so all good.


The winners of all 11 awards were well deserved. I was so proud of Taylor Swift for winning International Solo Female for this first time. Of course i was also happy that One Direction and Ed Sheeran won awards.

Overall, the BRIT awards this year were better than previous years in my opinion.


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