1.   Lorelai Gilmore

I may not be a fan of coffee, but the fact that this woman always has a cup of coffee in her hand or talking about coffee is amazing, so much coffee. Her witty humour and flashbacks to her life as a teen always interests me. I think the character is a strong, independent woman who decided she wanted her own life away from her parents and i really respect that about this character.  Her open mind and happiness would be a great trait, I’d love in a friend.


  1.  Dave Rygalski

One of the most kindest male love interests on the show, he even overtakes Luke Danes. I love that this character likes Lane so much he is willing to go to great lengths to get her mother’s approval, which he did. Personally she should have married him and had his children. I’m not a big fan of Zack. Shame that Dave had to leave.


  1.  Lane Kim

A Lorelai. Strong and independent. Wanting to live a different life from the one her parents live reminds me of lorelai, as well as moving out and having children as a young adult. I think her love of music is amazing and the hiding everything under floorboards is genius.


  1. Kirk

I’m not sure what Kirks second name. But oh my god! How does this character not notice how weird and quirky he is. Everytime he says or does something i find myself laughing. Sleeping in a clear box above Stars Hollow. Calling his cat Kirk. Skydiving when he can’t for 20 dollars. Working at every store/business in the town. Funny.


  1. Sookie St.James

The fact shes a Chef gives her extra brownie points, but her scenes when she is arguing with Jackson over crops are classics and her constant injuries and accidents in the kitchen offer a lot of humour. If she worked at a big chain, she most definitely  would have been fired by now though. I love Melissa McCarthy.


  1. Jess Mariano

Personally Jess is Rorys best love interest. He is smart, witty and really seemed to like Rory. He losses brownie points because he left without even telling Rory and when he finally told Rory he loved her, he walked away. He was also a little rowdy. Even though he had bad qualities, compared to her other love interests, he was the best. He enjoys a lot of the same things as here. I think he would have  travelled around with Rory while she was a journalist and he could have wrote more books on the travel. Their careers were even similar.


  1. Rory Gilmore

The reason why Rory is 7th is simple. As much as i do like Alexis, I’m not as fond of her character. Her love of movies and music and the massive amounts of food her and her mother can consume astounds me. But the reason I’m not so fond of Rory is because i find her a tad bit spoilt. She always seems to except she’s going to get everything she wants. Like the job interviews or boys. Shes weak spined, she never stands up for herself, not to Paris when they wasnt friends and to her Grandmother, Emily . She cheated on Dean with Jess, even when she knew she was in love with Jess  she stayed with Dean, prolonging a relationship that was bound to end. I’m not a big fan of Dean anymore but cheating isn’t fair. Not only did she cheat on dean with jess but she cheated on Logan with Jess( again another kiss). In Between these, she lost her virginity to Dean while Dean was married to someone. To add to all this. The way she started acting after Logan’s Dad said something mean to her shows how immature and silly she is. She drops out of college, moves in with her grandmother, joins the DAR and stops talking to her mother (Oh and steals a boat and gets community service, around 200 I believe). All because Michan said something mean to her, we all have to deal with that, she was a baby about it personally. I’m gonna leave it at that.


  1. Jackson Belleville

His humourful arguments with Sookie about crops is an already stated classic. He almost reminds me of a huge teddy. He’s lovable and kindhearted. The only thing that lost him brownie points was when he lied to Sookie.


  1. Mrs Kim

She may be crazy strict. But most of her lines always get me laughing and you can tell her love for music, even though shes catholic. In the end she settles with alot of Lanes life choices.


  1. Christopher Hayden

You can tell how much Chris and Lorelai love each over and as much as they tried, they just couldn’t work it out. The only time they seemed to work was in their teen years. And I believe Chris was Lorelai’s way of surviving living with her parents as a child and teen. I believe Chris was so much in love with Lorelai that i kind of felt sorry for him because it was never meant to work out in the end. She was meant to be with Luke Danes. He also seems a little immature and never seemed to ever get his life fully together.


  1. Luke Danes

I like Luke, putting him as 11 is admittedly because of my biased opinion on the actor. I’m not a big fan of Scott. But I accept that Loralai loved him. I like his wit and the fact he really seemed to care about the Gilmore Girls. I think he handled the marriage to Loralai and his daughter completely wrong. They may never have broken up, got married and Loralai would never have married Chris, If he would have let Loralai be a part of Aprils life a little more.


  1. Logan Huntzberger

As I already stated, I liked Jess better. I think Logan was a snobby spoilt ‘ trust fund child’. He seemed to love Rory but although he didn’t technically cheat. I still regarded it as cheating and not just with one girl but with about 3, most probably more. Even if they had broken up, he sure as hell got around even though he claimed to want to be with Rory and to ‘love’ her. If that was true, would you sleep with multiple girls instead of sorting out the relationship with the girl he ‘loved’. After all this, he proposes and tells her if she doesnt say yes, theyre done. I just don’t think thats fair.  If he ‘loved’ her that much and respected her he’d wait till she was ready to get engaged and married.


  1. Paris Geller

Although I thought she was a mean at first, i’ve really grown like her. She is quite bossy, and a tad scary. But thats her and thats what Rory is lacking, a backbone. Shes very strong minded and stays true to her word. Her and Rory’s history has its up and downs, but i believe if the show was still going, they’d still be close.


  1. Brad Langford

He makes it onto this list for 2 reasons . ‘winningly naive’ and that song at the Chilton graduation.


  1. Marty

Although marty seemed like a really nice male friend in Rory’s life, that changed when he became a liar in the later seasons. He was cruel to Rory just because she didn’t feel the same way about him. Then when he finally got a girlfriend, he lied to her about knowing Rory and factored in the friendship breakup of Rory and his girlfriend. Not only tat but he admits his affection for Rory while still with this girl. Evil. The writers definitely dropped the ball on this character.


  1. Lindsay Lister

Okay, Okay. Lindsay did have some reason to not like Rory, because lets be honest Dean was/ still was in love with Rory. So i understand how she must have felt. She may not have liked Rory, she seemed to love Dean. I felt sorry for her when she found out her husband had slept with his ex. But shes so low on this list because she just didn’t seem that interesting and if you live in stars hollow you have to be a little quirky.


  1. Sherry Tinsdale

Hate her. I dont know what it is, but i’m so with loralai on this! Her organization skills are the only thing i can relate to about her and like. Shes so pushy. Coming into their lives like that, wanting to know everything about Lorelai’s and Rory’s life. She seemed to know everything. She pushed and pushed for Rory to do this things she wanted her to. Like when they came to stars hollow and when she had that little speech with Loralai. I’d be so annoyed if Rory was my daughter. Oh yes, i almost forgot. Leaving your daughter to go get a job in paris is beyond wrong. She should never had children, she clearly put her work before her own baby and i think thats wrong.


  1. Dean Forester

Horrible. Lets start here. He was clingy , possessive and jealous with Rory. He flipped when Jess won the basket, and when he was at the house. He clearly didn’t trust Rory (yes she did kiss him, but i think he would have been this way about any guy in Rory’s life because he wants to be the only guy in her life). He broke up with Rory because she wasnt ready to say ‘I love you’ . That isn’t an easy thing to say to anyone for the first time, but to your first love its even harder. I think its wrong that he broke up with her because she wasn’t ready to say i love you. It makes me wonder, what if he’d wanted sex, and she wasnt ready, would he have broken up with her because of that too? Next, he quits school and marries someone, while he was clearly still pining over Rory. After Which, he takes Rorys virginity, while still married ( He told Rory they’d broken up, but they hadn’t ). Then he goes on to get a divorce and dates Rory, but soon enough he breaks up with her again for the THIRD time and again, in front of people, just like at the dance. Wow, i have nothing good to say about him. Not one, even his actions of protection towards Rory seem possessive and controlling.

  1. Richard Gilmore

Good and Bad. There are good and bad parts to this man. He seems very controlling of Rory’s life, wanting her to go to Yale enough though she wanted to go to Harvard. He wouldn’t let Rory take the car of Dean without having it checked a 100 times and was horrible to him at the dinner he was brought too. Not to add he never approved of Luke.


  1. Emily Gilmore

I hate her. Controlling and possessive come to mind. She tried to control Lorelai’s whole childhood and when she left, she couldn’t anymore. But when these 2 girls comes back into her life, she trys to control everything. Lorelai’s love life. Rorys love life, Rorys friendship groups. She even tried to get Rory to stay a virgin by having a priest talk to her(little did they know she’d lost her virginity to Dean, years before). While Rory lived with them, she tried to keep her from having sex with Logan, something that isn’t going to happen. Aswell as groom her into a life that her mother ran away from and finally Rory runs too. She does what her mother does, disappears without telling them with her belongings. Ironic I think. Not to add, she tried to destroy Lorelai’s and Luke’s relationship as well as successfully ruinings Rory’s and Deans. I despise woman like this one. (Thank-god my mum’s more of a Lorelai).


  1. Digger ( Jason Stiles)

Boring, Boring , Boring. This man would be bottom of any list i wrote. If this was Top 500 characters on gilmore girls (even if there isnt 500 characters) he’d still be the 500th. I hate him. Hes annoying. Firsty hes not very attractive. But that aside his personality is the worst, even his dog is boring, i mean what dog doesn’t come over a stroke??! Hes cocky, thinking that whatever he does he can get Lorelai, whether that’s through lots of gifts or just turning up to her inn and not leaving. Hes not interesting at all, he never once made me laugh on this show. Then after he decides he’s going to sue richard, he turns up at the inn to see lorelai after they broke up and insists on talking to her, on the most important day of her career. Not fair. What annoys me most is he tells Luke that he’s still dating Lorelai, even though they aren’t. I am just thankful that didnt ruin what Luke and Lorelai were heading too.

There are loads of other characters that i love, hate and enjoy watching but i only decided to do 20 because if i did 50 or 100 id be here all day and so would you! I hope you liked seeing my insight into some of the characters in one of my  favourite shows. I have no idea what to do for future blog posts, so if you want more like this, let me know in the comments or via twitter or instagram!


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