What’s In My Travel Bag.

So, I’ve stated that travelling is not at all my thing in one of my last blog posts. But when I do decide/have to travel anywhere for one night or two I take a travel bag . So I thought that I would do a blog post on what I take with me when I do travel. I try to keep the amount I take with me to the minimum, so that my bad isn’t massive or take things that I know I won’t even use. So all I take is the essentials for a couple days and these are them;


  • My make-up bag- A must, whether its for a day trip or a weekend trip. The musts in my makeup bag are: Concealer, Foundation, Powder, Blusher, Eyeliner, Mascara, Primer, Bronzer, Highlighter, Lip Balm, A nude lipstick, A darker lipstick,Neutral eyeshadow quad, eyebrow pencil. Now a couple other things I’d generally add are; Bobbles, Bobby pins, Plasters and My pills.
  • I would also take some other cosmetic type items including; My everyday night and day cream(simple), Deodorant, Perfume,Tweezers, Hand cream and Wipes.
  • Clothes- Generally i would take a small amount of clothes. If i was going for one night then i would generally just take a fresh underwear and a different top, but a lot of the time I would take a fresh top and pants and then just wear the same shoes and coat to save as much space in my bad, so i don’t have to take such a big bag.  I would find outfits that would all kind of match with each over so i could take less clothes but still have lots of outfits options and not wear the same things over and over the whole trip.
  • Others- My phone charger, Laptop and Laptop charger, Headphones and my purse.

How to deal with travelling with anxiety –


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