New Years Resolutions

So, as far as News Years resolutions go I never normally make them. Firstly because I feel like its a all a hyped exception to make these amazing resolutions. Secondly because recent years proof how hard it is to keep to the resolutions up all year. And, Thirdly because people make resolutions that they claim to keep but end up giving up two weeks in. so this year i thought long and hard about if I was going to make a couple resolutions and i decided too. I have been thinking a lot about the resolutions iIwant to make this year and how they will affect the people around me and myself.

So, the decision I made was to make two News Years resolutions. The first one is to give more to charity – I’m not making a big commitment like ‘ I’m going to give £— to charity or give gifts every month’. I’m leaving this at just giving to charity which I will do over the year. I was thinking of making a box every now-and-again for the rotary shoebox scheme which is a charity were you can fill a box for a less fortunate person with things they need. I will be making a blog post about it in the next couple months . My second New Years resolution is something for my benefit. I would like to find a way of resolving some of the problems i have been having in my personal life. I would also like to find a way of easing my Anxiety and Depression.

So these are my new years resolutions. What are yours? Leave a comment below or tweet me at @lifeasshanx with the hashtag #lifeasshanresolutions


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