How I’ve been feeling lately.

Today I decided to blog about my feelings because i feel like a blog can be a like a dairy so I decided to write how I feel here. Lately I’ve been feeling so down and upset. I have been been diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression, which sucks but i suppose thats what it is at the moment. Its just lately I’ve been feeling more down than normal. I guess it could be that its the holidays and that my dad died last year, holidays are always hard. I don’t know what to do about my panic attacks thought. They are starting to get out of control, i am having them more often and there getting worse. I start having a panic attack over meaningless silly things when i look back at them. If someone rushes me, If i am late for something, crowded places or anything like that sets them off and they’re so horrible. I just wish that they would stop and i wouldn’t feel this way. I don’t know if other people feel this way who have anxiety or suffer with depression but its how I’m feeling right now… maybe its a mix of the box that causing me to feel so horrible and sad. I have tried to ease my Anxiety by going out on small walks, doing light exercises and doing things just to generally make the panic attacks ease off a little, but its not seeming to work. Thats all i really have going on right now, i feel as if this is such a boring entry but its how I’ve been feeling lately.

I’ve been thinking about ideas for upcoming blog ideas and i have some but if you have any ideas that you could share, or want to see me do. Let me know either in the comments or Tweet me on @lifeasshanx  . Thankyou.


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