My Top Ten TV Shows.

I have so MANY T.V shows that I love, too many I think. So I thought I’d tell you them. Let me know in the comments what your favourite show is or if one of these are yours too.

1. Revenge- Revenge is a drama set in the hamptopns about a young woman who seeks revenge on the people who wrongly got her father sent to prison. It has just started its 4th season and I am once again hooked, like I have been since it started in 2011. Revenge is one of my favourites for sure.

2. Friends- I feel like friends is such a classic, there are so many people who love the show, including me. Friends is a show about 6 people in there late 20s early 30s living in New York just living a normal life. Friends lasted 10 seasons before it ended and I felt as if I knew the characters and even have the box set. I kind of feel lost without watching a couple episodes a week. I think its an obsession.

3. 2 broke girls – If you love rude humour then this wil be your favourite too. 2 broke girls is also set in New York and is about 2 young woman who are poor/broke who work at a diner and have a cupcake shop/window. The girls work hard to pay their bills and they also have a horse! I think this show is amazing, I love the rude humour and it had come back for a 4th season to this fall. YAYY.

4. How I met your mother- Okay now I never watched this show from day one because of course I was only about 7 when it started but I did watch every episode like I did with friends and love the show. Oddly I think its got very similar parts in it as friends does, but nevertheless I still love the show.

5. Law&Order:SVU  Law and order is the only Law and order I watch, the rest are just so boring. But I love special victims unit. There are 16 odd seasons that im trying to get throw while keeping on top if the new season that started a couple weeks back. I completely understand why Taylor Swift called her cat Olivia Benson.

6. Criminal minds – Ask my family, Friends or anyone who knows me remotely and they will tell you I have an obsession with crime shows. Criminal minds has become a new favourite off mine and I really enjoy watching them even though they are crime shows, I would love a job in one of these type of fields. They are very clever .

7. CSI- like I said I have an obsession. I would love to work in the labs and have the ability of someone with this job.

8. Two and a half men – Of course this makes it into my top 10 because well 2 words. Austin Kutcher. I never watched it with Charlie in it, I like Austin’s humour better.

9. Modern Family – This is a new one to my list as iv only just started started watching the new season, but its now in my top

10.  The Middle – again, a new season has started and iv ben watching since day 1 . my mum always calls me sue and my brothers axl and brick even though im older then both my brothers and sue isn’t. This show is a perfect example of most family’s all over the world.

So that’s my top 10 favourite TV shows.


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