Things that annoy me about Youtube

I love YouTube. I am on YouTube everyday watching YouTuber’s videos but there are some things iv noticed about YouTube lately that has started to annoy me.

  1. ‘ want to be YouTube friends’ – Oh this has started to annoy me so much, the occasional comment every now and again is okay but every video, if you read through the comments you’ll see that there are so many people saying it. It starts to get really annoying.
  2. self promotion – This annoys me so much for so many reasons including the fact that it is rude to self promote on other peoples videos. Some people work really hard on there videos, and instead of comments saying how good the video is people are asking people to check out their channel. Some YouTubers have worked hard to get those viewers and subscribers and it is so rude to then ask people to come and check out your channel. Its THEIR channel not yours. If YOU want more subscribers then reach out the people on the likes of social media and make better more interesting videos that people want to watch DONT use other peoples channels to get their viewers, just because they have fame on YouTube. EARN your subscribers not ‘sub for sub’ or use peoples channels to gain more fame. I have noticed this annoys a lot of other YouTuber’s but it has differently annoyed me a lot. If I had a YouTube channel and this happened I know I wouldn’t be happy
  3. passing judgement – People putting their life on the internet kind of means there are going to be people who are mean, but I feel as if it has go so much worse in recent years. Most you tubers comments are nice, comforting comments to the you tuber and at worst a little constructive criticism never hurts to an extent but some people are just pure cruel. I think it is wrong and disgraceful  to judge a person from a 10 minute video on a subject they like or 15 minutes out of a 24 day in a vlog. Iv noticed that people have been judging a lot of You Tuber’s lately. ‘Zoella’ is said to use her anxiety for an excuse to be lazy, May I just say this makes me so angry because Anxiety and panic attacks is a real mental illness and anyone who says It isn’t is dull minded and closed minded as well as ignorant of it, if you ever suffered you would know. I suffer myself and completely understand why Zoë tweeted about the subject and was very upset, people judge her relationship with Alfie Deyes they don’t understand they have all rights to keep things private and again I understand her wanting to keep it private, its her life. People watching her videos shouldn’t have the right to make her upset, angry or anything else but happy because she doesn’t deserve the hate. she’s a lovely down to earth girl, yet people judge every aspect of her life and act so immature about her relationship with Alfie and her friendships. Another people iv noticed gets a lot of hate is Lia who is going out with JC. She gets called ugly, an attention seeker and that jc is only with her for her looks. Its his relationship and he clearly loves her. Who gives these people a right to post about there relationship when they see a couple videos off him a week, they don’t even know him that much. They need to stop judging. There are so many I could talk about but ill save the rest of that rant and leave it at.

So that’s it for now, im sure there are plenty more reasons why you hate YouTube too… if you have any leave them below.

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