10 Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is nearly here. Its actually 20 days from now, Yes iv been counting. I love the holidays. I feel like Halloween just comes and goes so quickly that you barely get to appreciate the time of year at all. October is always an exciting month for me because it i know its the official, Fall has started. Its start to get crisp cold outside and everyone starts lighting their fires. The air is full of fall smells and at the end of the first full month of fall we have Halloween, which is followed by bonfire night then of course Christmas. These are all exciting things about fall and I feel as if Halloween is just the start to the seasonal holidays.

So today I decided to share with you my ideas for Halloween costumes as a contribution to the seasonal holidays, in which i hope to upload loads more blogs about this time of year. I am not one for slutty outfits as they aren’t what Halloween is about, I think Halloween is about scary things. IE Scary or Gruesome outfits.

So here are my Halloween costume ideas

1.A Cat simple, but still keeping into the tune of Halloween as a witch has to of course have a black cat on Halloween night.You can just pair a black leggings with a black top, Buy a tail and some ears and draw on your whiskers and your pretty much good to go. 

2. A Witch if you arnt the witchs cat, you could be the witch. Witches are a classic costume on Halloween. Find an outfits at most stores or just do what my mum used to on years were money was tight. A bin bag over your body and a pointy hat with some green face paint should do the trick.

3. A Pumpkin – iv seen so many cute baby pumpkin outfits in stores, they are very cute on babys but also great on any age. Stores sell the outfits or you can just wear orange clothes and get creative.

4. Dark Angel – This year i decided to go as a dark angel with the dramtic dark makeup, a black dress, ripped tights, black halo and wings. I personally love this costume. You could change it up and go as a good angel or a fairy.

5. A Groom or Bride – This is definitely a great idea for a duo outfit for you and your parther but its also good solo. With a ripped, dirty looking , blood streaked white dress with a ripped, torn veil. Or a ripped, bloody suit. This is such a easy and simple duo . ( this one reminded me of that movie with the dead bride).

6. Romeo and Juliet we all know the tragic love story written by Shakespeare, almost everyone anyway. So those who do know they killed themselves, so why not bring them back to life as a duo with your partner this Halloween. You’ll be the most tragic love story come back to life around.

7. Devil –  Man or women you can a great devil. Red face paint, red clothing, horns and a fork. You’ll definitely fit in with the Halloween spirit.

8. A VampireA classic at Halloween. A suit with a pale complexion and blood dripping from the mouth with fangs is the perfect vampire.

9. A Ghost – Some believe they are real others don’t. But whatever you believe you are sure to see a couple of them wondering around the streets come Halloween night, maybe even on your doorstep. I think that this is another perfect classic Halloween costume and is so easy and cheap compared to others costumes.

10. A SkeletonAnother classic at Halloween , this outfit is perfect is you just want to keep it simple this Halloween and don’t have much time to put together an outfit or get ready for that Halloween party after work or school.

What’s are you going as this year?

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