Quotes That I Live By

Today I decided to share with you some of my favourite quotes and why I think they are good quotes and why I like them.   – Twitter – Instragram

quote8 I wanted to get revenge on all the people that hurt me. I then realised that karma would do that for me. I moved on and I realised they didn’t like id forgotten about it and that annoyed them that I wasn’t suffering anymore and I was moving on. That was my revenge.

quote7Iv had times were I felt like I NEEDED a person when I just missed them. By them now being in my life I finally got over it and realised that missing someone is just part of moving on. I was something I needed to do. Its something you will all do or might have already done. For a long time I weighed out the good and bad against eachover to see if it was better to have this person being in my life or not and when all the bad things won. I struggled with this person not being there but after missing them for a while and then moving on. I no longer think I need them and not miss them anymore.

quote6 This is true. As hard as your life now, there is someone out there going through so much worse. The world isn’t perfect, it never will be but remember you giving up is one more thing that makes it less perfect. Be the best you can and stay the strongest you can. You can make your life as good as it gets and help others that isn’t.

quote5 There has been so many times in my life that I thought it would be easier to give up. That’s not true though because I wouldn’t be where I am today if I had given up back then, as hard as things may have been I knew that one day things would be better and I wouldn’t want to give up. I wouldn’t be in college or have the grades I got or be as strong as I am now if id given up then.

quote4For months I lived my life just wanting it to change, but I never did. I went on with my everyday unhappy , saying that the next day I would change things and everything would be different it was only when I left school and started college that this was true.

quote3Another classic Revenge quote. Just like Amanda/Emily, I felt betrayed by the ones I love and trusted and started to only trust my self. I only trust myself, I hate I cant trust no one but I cant risk trusting someone until I fully know them and so they can gain my trust

quote2 This quote is from my favourite show Revenge. I think its just so true. When we do something wrong we have to pay for that decisions. In the end something will always happen whether its good or a bad thing.

quote1 The first quote that I believe in is this one. From the famous book and movie, the fault in our stars. I recently lost my dad to cancer and this quote reminds me nothing lasts forever but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t great while it lasted. It reminded me that my dad was only with the woman he truly loved and was his soul mate for about 5 years, it just reminds me that even though she wasn’t in his life for long but there forever was their forever and it was amazing. its true that some infinities are bigger than other infinities.

So these are my favourite quotes that I live by. Share your favourites below in the comments.

*Disclaimer* – None of the images used are mine.


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