5 Things I Like About Fall

fall    sweater weather

So summer is over. Everyone seems so unhappy that the hot summer days are over, well the not so hot summer days here in Britain but people still seemed unhappy about the fact that the holiday season, beach going days are behind us and its now getting cold and dark earlier. I myself love when summer is over as I have never been a big fan of it. This year though I am a lot more excited about the fall/winter time. So I thought id write about my favourite things about this time of year.


  • Education – One thing everyone hates about summer ending is the fact that school/college starts again. Well I finished school in July 2014 so I was actually excited for this September as I no longer go to school and my next step in education starts. But even when school starts I was always excited because it was a new year.
  • The Weather- I love the weather at this time of year. I love the atmosphere this time of year is amazing to me. Everyone’s is getting excited about Bonfire night, Halloween and of course Christmas. I Love that its now sweater weather in the UK because its starting to get chilly outside, I have already started wearing my cosy, cuddly jumpers and cardies. I love that it gets dark early and that it doesn’t get light till late. I feel like the only person who actually likes the cold weather.
  • Scents – Personally the scents around at this time of year are amazing! I recently started burning fall scented candles like apple pumpkin and apple cinnamon. Not only the candles but the hand sanitizers and in-scents are all so amazing. I love how the scents around are all wonderful.
  • Food&Drinks – The food and drink selection around in fall is one thing that I definitely look forward to the most from this time of year. The comfort food comes out and the holiday drinks including Hot Chocolate, with cream and marshmallows.
  • The Holidays – So this time of year is probably when the most exciting holidays happen. I love dressing up and going to party’s on Halloween even though im 16. There’s nothing better then getting all your warm clothes on, sweater, hat, gloves and wellies and heading out the firework show, after which we come home make a fire and take loads of pictures while making smures and lighting sparklers, classic British night. Then theres Christmas, my favourite holiday.The build up to Christmas is so magical, going shopping for peoples presents and seeing everyone rush around you for some reason makes me know its that time of year again. Its always wonderful walking home at night and all the Christmas lights, light my way, the trees gleaming an sparking. The first thing I do I must admit is decorating my room, putting my tree up and listening to the holiday music. Then after all the build up the couples days spent with family is the best end to the Christmas holiday.


So there my favourite things about the fall, every year I look forward to them. I think fall is the most exciting time of year. So whats your favourite thing about fall? Comment Below.





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