Everything Has Changed

I was sorting through my room just a few hours ago when I came across some items that got me thinking of the past and memories of these items. I sprayed this perfume from a couple years ago, that I frankly still didn’t know I had because it was so old. All the memories of this smell came back. The early mornings and the long days at school followed by the dark,rainy, miserable nights out, walking around. I started thinking then and there how different my life is now. My belly turned when the smells of the perfume hit my nose. The happy memories off going out with friends and the sad memories of my past were all being contained in a special place in my mind and this perfume seemed to open up that place id kept locked for along time. Another thing that I came across was my old dairy/journal. Wow it contained some of the most embarrassing things id ever written down on paper. Pages and pages of lovesick me, telling my dairy that I cried about him today and that I seem him at school. It all seems so stupid now. I seemed so confused of my feelings back then. My feelings were limited, back then some the things iv experienced now, id never experienced before. The feelings I feel now, I never used to feel back then. I was just an innocent little girl three years ago. Going out with friends and having this perfectly set up life. Now three years later, I no longer have a dad as he passed away to cancer a year ago and im not that innocent little girl anymore. I had to mature so much in the last couple years. Everything in the last couple years has changed. Its Mad. Its Strange. I suppose its life.  


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