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How To: Get Over Someone

Getting over someone wiether they are an Ex or crush, can be hard. Sometimes it feels impossible to get over someone you have liked or loved but you can, I promise.

Iv had crushes and Exs and at the time it feels like your never going to get over them. So heres my Advice.

  • Do they like you back? Okay so this Iis obviously if you have a crush, not an ex. But does he/she liked you? Youll probably never know unless you ask , or atleast tell them how you feel. Telling them might seem scary, but its for the best either way. I they like you then you become more then crushes. If they dont its going to make it easier to move on.
  • Its not always what you arnt doing, its what you are doing. We all do it, so there is no need in denying it. Stalking thier Twitter, Facebook, and instragram isnt going to make you feel better, trust me. Unfollow them, go on. Seeing what theyre doing all the time is going to upset you and make you feel worse, and its not gunna help get other them, by unfollowing them, you wont see thier updates. It prevents any breakdowns while getting over them, if their a friend obviously dont be cold with them but let them know whats going on, a true friend will understand. 
  • Going out. Staying social and going out with friends is imporant to move on. Go out meet new people, have fun. It will also help you forget about them!
  • Resist the call. I always feel with exs and crushes that sometimes you break and want text and call them, dont. Instead keep your self busy. Get a bubble bath, go online, call your friends to come around. 

Hope this helped! Comment below with any questions you have:) 

All advice was my own. Im no professional,  this is based on my personal experiences. 


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