One Direction OR 5SOS???!!

FROM LEFT: Niall , Zayn, Louis, Liam , Harry
FROM LEFT: Niall , Zayn, Louis, Liam , Harry
FROM LEFT: Michael, Calum, Ashton , Luke
FROM LEFT: Michael, Calum, Ashton , Luke


I love both the bands One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer. Iv been looking online for the last couple of days and everyone has been talking about the fact that people who ‘leave’ one direction to join the 5sos family are not real one direction fans. I think that this is really stupid, I mean a ‘true’ fan wouldn’t do that right?

I believe you can equally love 5sos and one direction and it really doesn’t matter if you like one better then the other. I mean there is so many twitter accounts set up about both bands and I admit I follow then because they are good accounts but I always see people arguing over which band is better. OR the fact that 5 Seconds Of Summer are trying to ‘replace’ One Direction.

Firstly, 5SOS and One Direction are completely different. The type of music is different and the way they sing it is also. When I listen to One Direction and 5SOS I can tell the difference between both bands. When I listen to ‘little things’ and ‘amnesia’ I can hear the difference between the bands but can still tell these are romantic love songs.

Secondly, the bands are from completely different sides of the world: One Direction came from Europe and 5SOS are from Australia. Also One Direction became famous when they was placed together on the show X-Factor and 5SOS made covers on YouTube, until recognised and then went on tour with One Direction.

I think that both these bands deserve the fame they have and think they both are different in there own ways and that one wont replace the other one. The fact is One Direction are more likely to Break up before 5SOS, but until then I do not think they will replace One Direction.


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